Inbound Logistics | January 2024

Freight Forwarders & Shippers: FORWARD MOTION

With innovative solutions and technology, and productive collaborations, freight forwarders position complex global supply chains for success. By Karen Kroll

A s supply chains have become more global and complicated, freight forwarders can play an increasingly important role in helping shippers move their products safely, cost-effectively, and on time. “Freight forwarders orchestrate the movement of goods,” says Richard Patry, vice president, managing director, Canada, with DHL Global Forwarding. Among other responsibilities, forwarders can act as intermediaries between the many parties involved in

international supply chains, coordinate transportation modes, manage documentation, and help to “de-mystify” the complexity inherent in international trade. For instance, some companies have diversied their international supply chains in what’s sometimes referred to as China Plus One. They continue to source from China, while seeking suppliers in other countries. This reduces the risk of relying so heavily on vendors in one country, but it also adds complexity.

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