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For example, if the system shows inventory on hand, as well as a shipment that’s slated to arrive in the next day or two, Dukal might assign the inventory in transit to an order with a deadline that’s one week away, knowing it will arrive in time. The on-hand inventory can remain available for new customer orders that have tighter delivery deadlines. Having this visibility also enables Dukal to focus on exceptions, such as unforeseen production delays. It’s not only Dukal that can leverage this information. Mallory’s work to enable electronic data interchanges allows Dukal to can leverage Mallory’s work to enable communicate this data to its customers. The shipment data collected by Dukal InSight extends to the item level and is communicated to customers with open orders through weekly automated emails. Customers receive a spreadsheet with order milestones, such as the date and time a sales order is received, the date it departs the port of origin, and when it arrives at a U.S. port. They can upload the information into their systems and convert it to their preferred format. “Offering customers full visibility means they can be proactive and maximize efciency,” Frisbie says. Thinking Outside the Box By working with Mallory Alexander, Dukal was able to “think outside the box,” Kelly says. While this project began with the goal of making the order management process easier, it evolved to a system that leverages intelligent visibility to mitigate supply chain disruptions and better serve customers— offering Dukal a competitive advantage. “Now, we’re able to see the supply chain end to end and can take action,” she adds. The solution continues to evolve. . “We’re continuing to add information and insights,” Frisbie says, “and provide them for our customers.” n For example, if the inventory on hand, as shipment that’s slated next day or two, Dukal the inventory in transit with a deadline that’s knowing it will it will arrive on-hand inventory available orders delivery visibility focus such production It’s

5 Things to Look for in a Freight Forwarding Relationship Here are 5 factors to consider when evaluating prospective freight forwarders. 1 Your organization’s size. “While the biggest shippers often get dedicated sta, smaller shippers can get lost in a big shop,” says Lauren Pittelli of Baker Logistics Consulting. 2 Customer service. Ask about the process if something goes wrong. For instance, how quickly can you connect with a person? 3 Visibility to first generation data. Freight forwarders should be able to access automated feeds from carriers and government agencies. If they can’t and instead, have to retype data, the risk of errors and delays increases. 4 Consolidation and deconsolidation services. The ability to consolidate shipments boosts transportation e„ciency. 5 Expertise. The freight forwarder should possess in-depth knowledge of regulations, custom procedures, and other complexities of international trade.

Dukal, which manufactures healthcare products,

partnered with a forwarder to gain the ability to mitigate disruptions and better serve healthcare professionals and patients.

One key to Dukal’s efforts is its partnership for the past several years with Mallory Alexander. Together, the companies developed Dukal InSight, which provides intelligent, real-time visibility from each product’s point of purchase until it’s delivered. “We’re able to build an intelligent and proactive supply chain,” Kelly says. “We can see and respond to disruptions before they impact patient health or healthcare organizations’ revenues.” The system also facilitates on-time and accurate product delivery, as well as advanced product assignment. “Mallory’s order management process brings horsepower to Dukal’s InSight solution,” says Daniel Woodcock, vice president of administrative services with Mallory Alexander. This not only boosts efciency, but also becomes a selling point, as customers today—and particularly those in healthcare organizations—require detailed and granular visibility. At the start of production, Dukal InSight assigns each order a product allocation. Because the system provides visibility to inventory on hand, inventory in production, and inventory in transit, as well as each customer’s requested delivery date, it can assign inventory in ways that make the most sense.

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