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Mexico becomes the new China. Mexico has reached an inflection point on high value-added manufacturing capabilities for industries such as aerospace, medical device, automotive, consumer products, and textiles. –Dario Ambrosini, CMO, Propel Software Nearshoring is not only a trend but also a long-term strategy that represents a strategic recalibration. In 2023, there was a clear uptick in demand for comprehensive cross-border solutions, most notably within customs brokerage, transloading, and warehousing. In Q3, our cross-border activity was up almost 40% year over year, led by shipments from automakers and other goods manufacturers. We anticipate these demands will only increase and become more apparent in 2024 for the entire industry and U.S. economy.

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As this trend grows, the global supply chain is evolving with it. While many choose new locations based on proximity to end buyers, allowing them to leverage more aordable shipping modes, they still rely on ocean and air during the transition. Many companies are learning the process of moving an entire supply chain can take 3-5 years. We see air is especially being used throughout the nearshoring process as companies work to keep production moving while developing local suppliers in their new region. –Mike Short, President of Global Forwarding, C.H. Robinson


Narhoin A growing number of manufacturers are evaluating nearshoring opportunities for their supply chain. Many are looking to mitigate risks from macroeconomic factors that have historically driven instability in shipping conditions. Manufacturers in Southeast Asia and China are especially taking advantage of international trade incentives in Mexico. Similar activity is happening across Europe, as companies eye countries like Poland, Hungary, and Romania as manufacturing alternatives.

–Demetri Venetis, President, Freight Forwarding, RXO

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