Inbound Logistics | January 2024

PREDICTION Artificial intelligence (AI) will drive the adoption of collaborative robots (cobots). Revenue from collaborative robotics hardware is expected to grow 20% year over year, achieving $1 billion in 2024, according to ABI Research. Warehouses and factories are deploying cobots, which are designed to safely work with people. Universal Robots, Techman Robot, Doosan Robotics, and ABB are some cobot suppliers that are integrating technologies like machine vision, intelligent sensors, and AI-based controls to enhance human-robot collaboration. Advances in AI and the democratization of industrial AI development will lower barriers to reconfiguring and reprogramming cobots on the fly to meet changing production needs. Additionally, the decreasing costs of hardware like sensors, actuators, and cameras will help drive down prices and spur adoption. With improving capabilities and a†ordability, cobots are set for strong growth.

–ABI Research

> AmbiSort B-Series: Ambi Robotics’ modular parcel induction and sorting solution for middle-mile operations automates sorting operations. It can reduce operating costs by inducting and sorting parcels into gaylord destinations. The AmbiSort B-Series solution adapts to various use cases, such as reverse logistics, inter-facility sortation, sort-to-carrier, zone- skipping, and automated parcel induction.

> Mecalux Robotic Order Picking System: Mecalux’s new automated solution incorporates Siemens’ SIMATIC Robot Pick AI technology, a vision software that employs deep learning algorithms to streamline picking in warehouses. With AI integrated into the programmable logic controller (SIMATIC S7-1500), the cobot performs order picking with autonomy and accuracy.

January 2024 • Inbound Logistics 181

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