Inbound Logistics | January 2024

63% Robots-as-a-Service (RaaS) deployments will increase by 63% in 2024. ABI Research forecasts RaaS shipments will jump from 74,100 in 2023 to 117,900 in 2024.

> Hai Robotics and GreyOrange Automated Robotic Fulfillment: A partnership between Hai Robotics and GreyOrange has resulted in 10 completed robotic fulfillment projects, helping companies—including the largest retailer in the United States, one of the largest fashion retailers in the world, and other large-scale retailers across the United States and Europe—increase throughput, storage density, and agility. GreyOrange’s fulfillment orchestration platform, GreyMatter , connects and runs both Hai’s tote-to- person autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) and GreyOrange’s rack-to- person AMRs on a single grid—unifying cross-functional operations throughout a facility for streamlined operations. Hai Robotics’ automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS)—driven by autonomous case-handling mobile robots (ACR)—o•er flexibility with storage density for tote, tray, box, or oversized items. Hai’s goods-to-person systems can be constructed using almost any industry-standard racking and containers. Systems can have varying heights up to 33 feet and accommodate di•erent container sizes and materials, stored up to 5 totes deep.

> Kassow Robots Cobots: The line of five 7-axis cobots, with a reach of up to approximately 70 inches and payloads up to 40 pounds, o•ers small footprints and increased maneuverability. The collaborative robots can help companies perform complex automation tasks in materials handling and other industrial applications. The seventh axis, or “wrist joint,” enables continuous dispensing, welding, and material removal, regardless of access angle.

> Contoro Unloading Robot: The container unloading robot from Contoro Robotics automates devanning or container stripping. The autonomous robot can enter a trailer and can lift non- palletized cartons that are 8-30 inches and up to 40 pounds. Contoro Robotics charges per container with no upfront costs or equipment purchase to make the solution accessible to any sized organization.

> Corvus One: The flagship product of Corvus Robotics, Corvus One is an automated warehouse inventory drone solution. Powered by AI and equipped with depth perception technology, Corvus One can navigate warehouses autonomously and capture real- time inventory data, improving reporting accuracy and minimizing stock discrepancies. Corvus One is suitable for large- scale operations.

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