Inbound Logistics | January 2024

> Movu eligo Robot Picking Arm: The new integrated robotic bin picking solution, developed in collaboration with Righthand Robotics, can automatically piece-pick from a single-SKU source bin and place the individual items into multiple mixed-SKU destination bins. Movu eligo can pick up to 600 items per hour. The plug-and-play sub-system can integrate with the Movu escala binshuttle for an end-to-end, storage-to-picking automated solution.

> Dexterity Robotic Print and Apply Palletizer: Designed for retail, consumer packaged goods (CPG), and third-party logistics (3PL) operations that require case-level labeling, Dexterity’s new palletizer provides a one-robot workflow to ensure Amazon Routing, SSCC, or SKU barcodes are applied to each case in a pallet before shipment. The system identifies cases, applies labels according to customer requirements, and replicates pallet patterns. Working with a variety of pallet/conveyor input and output combinations, the palletizer can be used in inbound, storage, and outbound processes and can achieve a throughput rate of up to 300 cases per hour.

> SCALLOG Robotic Solution: The SCALLOG solution—mobile shelves transported by robots to operators—enhances eciency at NEWPHARMA’s logistics distribution center in Wandre, Belgium. The online pharmacy integrated the robotic goods-to- person solution into its multi-story warehouse and operational flows in 2021. The SCALLOG solution now comprises 275 mobile shelves transported by 20 robots to four order preparation stations, including one dedicated to restocking. Covering approximately 16,100 square feet on a mezzanine, the SCALLOG zone has a small footprint. Every other NEWPHARMA order passes through the SCALLOG area, with up to 13,000 products picked each day and 24,000 products restocked.

> Pickle Robot Unload Systems: Using GenAI, machine learning, computer vision, and sensors, the Pickle Robot solutions automate trailer and container unloading. They work with people on loading docks to make the work safer, faster, and more ecient. Under a Robotics-as-a-Service agreement, Yusen Logistics recently integrated the Pickle Robot systems at its transloading operation in Long Beach, California, which transloads around 200,000 ocean freight containers a year.

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