Inbound Logistics | January 2024


> Automated Compact Truck (ACT) Series: The ACT line from Logisnext Solutions can fit in existing warehouse environments without rack modifications and operate between the warehouse and loading docks. The automated guided vehicles work with manual forklifts. The ACT series can navigate narrow aisles and features a touchscreen and LED fins that show its current state from a distance for improved safety and communication with warehouse personnel.

> Raymond Integrated Tether System: The new tether solution from Raymond is an operator assist tool designed to alert workers and managers and to limit lift truck functionality if an operator is not properly tethered. The wireless connection in the system is compatible with Raymond lift trucks and o‡ers data-gathering capabilities that can help reinforce best practices with operators.

> Ergodyne Thermal Solutions: Ergodyne

introduced four new thermal solutions, designed for work crews in refrigerated facilities. The N-Ferno 6475 insulated freezer coveralls, 6476 insulated freezer jacket, and 6477 insulated freezer bib overalls are rated to -50°F for up to five hours of moderate activity. The ProFlex 850 insulated freezer gloves are rated to -20°F for up to one hour of moderate activity.

> Combilift CB15-5E: Equipped with ergonomic features, the counterbalance truck has multidirectional ability and can handle long and bulky loads. A recent addition to Combilift’s line of electric models, the truck o‡ers 15,500 pounds of lift capacity, long battery life, and an auto swivel seat for driver comfort.

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