Inbound Logistics | January 2024


> AutoStore Storage & Retrieval System: The AutoStore system from Dematic is a compact, scalable robotic storage and piece picking solution. The ultra high- density storage and buering system supports goods-to-person piece picking. The AutoStore solution brings products directly to the operator, streamlining the picking process by reducing warehouse foot trac and keeping products close to where they are required to be.

Warehouse Tech Helps With Young Recruits One-third of warehouses are more than 50 years old, with 70% constructed before the 21st century, finds a report from real estate services firm Newmark. While innovation is necessary for operations, it is also vital for recruitment— especially the next generation of warehouse workers. The new generation of warehouse workers wants to work in a digital warehouse alongside robots, leverage AI for eƒciency, and automate mundane tasks. Given the majority of millennials’ and Gen Z’s lives have been centered around technology, these solutions are attractive because they oˆer flexibility, independence, and career advancement. –Brandon Black, SVP and General Manager, Ivanti Wavelink

> BionicHIVE SqUID: The SqUID solution from BionicHIVE eliminates the need to manually pick or walk between aisles. The autonomous robotic solution can sort, pick, and replenish cartons directly to/from any spot in the existing warehouse racking. The robots can travel on the ground alongside humans and other equipment and, when rails are installed, they can also move vertically on any rack, placing and retrieving boxes and delivering them anywhere in the facility.

> SnapControl: Synergy Logistics’ multi-agent orchestration platform, SnapControl , helps warehouses get the most out of automation devices and robots in their distribution centers. The software recently helped a U.S. e-retailer optimize the allocation of tasks between human and automated resources and achieve a sixfold increase in productivity.

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