Inbound Logistics | January 2024

THE GOAL: A PROCESS OF ONGOING IMPROVEMENT (30TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION) BY ELIYAHU M. GOLDRATT Since its initial publication, The Goal has transformed management thinking throughout the world. The novel tells the story of Alex Rogo, a harried plant manager working desperately to save his plant before corporate headquarters closes it down, with hundreds of job losses. It takes a chance meeting with a professor from his student days to help Alex break with conventional ways of thinking to see what he needs to do. The story of Alex’s fight to save his plant contains a serious message for all managers, and explains the ideas behind the author’s Theory of Constraints.

FROM CO TO CEO: A PRACTICAL GUIDE FOR TRANSITIONING FROM MILITARY TO INDUSTRY LEADERSHIP BY CAPTAIN WILLIAM TOTI, U.S. NAVY RETIRED Employment instability post-military is one of the biggest stress-inducing factors in a veteran’s life, contributing to serious concerns such as PTSD and failure to thrive. In addition, high turnover rates among veterans cost companies millions. The author provides nuts-and-bolts advice for both veterans and the companies that want to help their military veteran employees succeed.


ESSENTIALS OF SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT 4TH EDITION BY MICHAEL H. HUGOS From a clear explanation of fundamental concepts to insightful discussion of supply

With the acceleration of new technologies, every organization knows it must embrace digital transformation to survive. But across industries, established companies are held back by bureaucracy, inertia, and old ways of working. How can businesses break through to drive real change? This book provides the answer. The author identifies the biggest barriers to digital transformation and shows how any business can evolve by heeding the lessons of companies such as Disney, Walmart, Mastercard, Air Liquide, and the New York Times Company.

chain innovation, this book o“ers readers a comprehensive introduction to supply chain management with ideas they can put to use immediately. The fourth edition has been updated to reflect the current state of the field, with coverage of the latest technologies and new case studies that illustrate critical concepts in action. Readers will learn the fundamental concepts behind supply chain management, how supply chains work, and how to measure their performance.

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