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FLYING HIGH The 10 largest aerospace companies in the world: • Boeing, US • Airbus, France • United Technology, US • Lockheed Martin, US • Northrop Grumman, US • GE Aviation, US • Raytheon, US

Aerospace is one of the top five industries impacted by supply chain disruptions, according to EventWatchAI, Resilinc’s global event monitoring platform, which collects information and monitors news on 400 dierent types of disruptions across 104 million global sources. Here’s a look at what Resilinc identifies as the biggest challenges facing the aerospace industry. #1 Factory fires. Fires and explosions at warehouses, factories, and plants, as well as investigations and force majeure due to fires, are the top disruption in aerospace and have been the leading supply chain disruption across all industries tracked by Resilinc for five consecutive years. Simple safety measures—such as stocking extinguishers and training employees—can reduce the potential risk of factory fires. #2 Labor disruptions. In 2023, the aerospace industry saw approximately 562 labor disruptions, which can include company, site, union, and national strikes as well as layos, labor walkouts, protests, and more. Labor disruptions were a particular problem across all forms of global transportation as well. #3 Mergers & acquisitions. While M&As can positively aect the industry, leading to improved technologies and more resilient companies, it takes time to merge data, suppliers, and systems, which can cause challenges. #4 Business sale. 2023 saw more than 500 business sale disruptions in aerospace. Business sales include the sale of factories and plants, the sale of assets and subsidiaries, and brand/portfolio sales. Similar to M&As, business sales can increase supply chain resilience as companies acquire new technology and expand portfolios. However, business sales can also create increased security threats and delays while assets and information change hands. #5 Factory disruptions. Factory disruptions include accidents, closures, and temporary shutdowns at warehouses, plants, and factories. There can be many reasons for factory closures—including industry growth. Even the most minor delays and shutdowns can cause significant issues across the supply chain. TOP 5 AEROSPACE SUPPLY CHAIN DISRUPTIONS

• Rolls-Royce, UK • Leonardo, Italy • Safran, France

After United Airlines and Alaska Airlines discovered loose parts on multiple Boeing 737 MAX 9 aircraft, grounding 171 planes, industry experts raised new concerns about how the aircraft is manufactured. The Federal Aviation Administration completed inspections of 40 grounded planes and says it will "thoroughly review the data" to determine if it is safe to allow the planes to resume flying. LOOSE ENDS

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