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7 COOL FACTS ABOUT AMAZON ROBOTICS 1. Amazon is the world’s largest manufacturer of industrial robotics.

48% of manufacturers say they experienced regret from at least one software purchase in the past 12 to 18 months. 38% of manufacturers say they experienced regret because the total tech investment was more expensive than they were led to believe. 35% of manufacturers attribute regret to a difcult or slow technical implementation. 54% of manufacturers plan to increase tech spending by at least 10% in 2024

BLOWING IN THE WIND As part of an e‰ort to use renewable wind energy to reduce air pollution from ocean vessels, Airbus has commissioned Louis Dreyfus Armateurs to build and operate three ships with giant, high-tech sails— modern versions of ancient ships. The Airbus ships will use “large, rotating cylinders” that can move the haulers with help from the wind. While they don’t look like typical sails, the equipment will generate lift, “propelling the ship forward,” according to Dreyfus. The ships will also have two dual- fuel (dirty diesel and cleaner e-methanol) engines. And with help from software, the ships will navigate ocean conditions to best use the wind. Airbus anticipates the vessels will be sea-ready by 2026.

2. Amazon has created 700 new categories of jobs since introducing robotics in its fulfillment network in 2012. 3. Amazon currently uses the help of 750,000+ mobile robots around the world to fulfill customer orders and 75% of all customer orders globally are delivered with the assistance robots working within Amazon’s operations. 4. A new robot called Titan can lift up to 2,500 pounds. The robot will carry larger, bulkier items like small household appliances and pallets of pet food across Amazon fulfillment centers. 5. More than 2 billion packages have been sorted by Robin, a robotic system used across the Amazon operations network. Robin uses visual-perception algorithms to segment, identify, and locate packages. 6. Sparrow is Amazon’s first robotic system that can detect, select, and handle individual products in inventory.

– 2024 Tech Trends Report, Capterra

$14 billion Amount the trucking industry invests annually in technology, training, and other expenditures to improve highway safety. – Safety Spend Survey, American Trucking Associations

75% of hiring managers say AI is very important (33%) or somewhat important (41%) to their company 6 IN 10 hiring managers would choose a less-experienced candidate who has AI skills

77% of hiring managers say AI is a beneficial resume skill for 2024 73% of hiring managers say their company will definitely (41%) or probably (32%) expand its use of AI in 2024

AI HIRES RANK HIGHER Artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly shaping the modern workplace, automating tasks and transforming decision-making processes. How does that aect hiring? A ResumeTemplates survey of 780 hiring managers assesses the importance of candidates having AI skills on their resumes.

7. Amazon is testing a robot arm called Cardinal ( pictured above ), which can lift and turn heavy packages of up to 50 pounds in a confined space.

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