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We think about what’s coming next and how technologies like articial intelligence will impact our business. It’s challenging to move to new systems. For people who are having a hard time adopting, we train, train, train and make sure they’re comfortable asking questions. It’s also important to explain the ‘why’ behind the changes. In this case, the vendor was going to sunset the software, so we didn’t have a choice, but it also happened to be the right move. This helped people get behind it. Plus, these changes are strong signals that our company is investing in the resources that will take us into the future. Employees know we’re not going anywhere. At times, when I’ve been dealing with business challenges, I’ve thought maybe this is too much of a headache; that maybe I should have been a history teacher. But I’m in the right place. My great-grandfather started this business and I listened to my dad talk about the company growing up. I attended meetings with him. We entertained customers and suppliers at our house. And it’s a fun business. Distribution is not exactly sexy, but it’s wonderful. Salt of the earth people work in industrial distribution. I love the people here. n

Jessica Yurgaitis Answers the Big Questions 1 What are the rst three things you check about the business when you wake up?

3 If you could throw a dinner party for anyone in the world—living or not—who would you invite? Jesus. I’d love to have him over and see what he thinks of the mess we’re living in right now. 4 What would you tell your 18-year-old self? You’re smarter than you think you are, and you can do more than you think you can. Keep trying.

The first three things I check are the previous day’s sales, the cash balance, and the inventory. 2 If you could travel anywhere, without being constrained by time or money, where would you go? I’d go to Italy again and again and again. It has a nice vibe and wonderful food. My husband is Italian and I love his cooking.

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ICC =inventory carrying costs C =capital T =taxes I =insurance W =warehouse costs X =shrinkage S =scrap O =obsolescence costs R =recovery

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