Inbound Logistics | April 2022



shippers design and plan last-mile delivery of products with a mix of green options such as cargo bikes and foot delivery. > Ryder System unveiled the latest version of its visibility and collaborative logistics technology RyderShare. Initially focused on the transport of goods, RyderShare now includes a warehouse management solution for end-to-end visibility as goods move inbound on trucks to warehouses and distribution centers and outbound to their final destinations.

> Freight carrier Estes launched the Pickup Visibility application to help shippers manage their freight. The solution provides detailed pickup data, with a visual progress bar that displays pickup milestones in real time, including exceptions. > FarEye , a delivery management platform, unveiled new capabilities to help companies boost delivery efficiency and gain visibility into outcomes of sustainability initiatives. For example, its vehicle route planning capability lets

> The new Wilgard XT Series Guard Rail Gate from Wildeck increases worker safety and improves warehouse traffic f low by providing entry and exit points along guardrail systems for forklifts and personnel. It can be configured with customizable swing gate components.

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