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branded shipment—can help influence a purchasing decision. —Brendan Heegan CEO, Boxzooka Fulfillment & Global Ecommerce THE KEYS TO SUCCESS ARE STRATEGIC DISTRIBUTION POINTS , communication, technology, and touching a vertical that strives for the utmost superior customer service expectation. You have a winner if you can get to the heart of what the client and their customers need, with a decent price and ease of use. —Nicole Glenn

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Level the playing field by partnering with the right transportation/logistics provider using their core competencies. They can also ship directly from a vendor network that negates the need for regional warehouses and speeds up their cash position. —John Hill Chief Commercial Officer, Pilot Freight Services

Consumer shifts bring opportunity for service providers to create new value. 3PLs are already well-equipped to compete with the Amazons of the world by providing scalable fulfillment and transportation capacity, integrated supply chain technologies, and strategically partnering with customers to create a better connection to the end consumer. —Mike Glover VP eComm Fulfillment, Legacy Supply Chain

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BETTER UNDERSTAND STOCK LEVELS and SKU-level demand to make effective promotions and full price decisions. To compete with big e-tailers, retailers can’t hesitate when making promotion decisions, and must prepare with better data insights and automated reports. —Juliana Prather CMO, EDITED MOVE INVENTORY CLOSER TO THE END CUSTOMER , leveraging the gig economy and using technology to create an asset-light, scalable, and flexible supply chain. —Adam Bryant CEO, AxleHire UTILIZE YOUR PHYSICAL STORE NETWORK for online fulfillment, last- mile services, and customer service. Retail stores are typically closer to the consumer, allowing for faster online fulfillment, last mile, and return services while good customer service can build strong relationships with customers. —John Haber President, Parcel, Transportation Insight FIND TOOLS THAT INTEGRATE seamlessly with 3PL providers. This can help small businesses successfully fulfill large orders and keep up with the big guys. —Doug LaBahn Chief Marketing Officer Cin7

UTILIZE FLEXIBLE AUTOMATION SOLUTIONS, cloud-based software, rapid installation/integration, and opex financing models to gain access to advanced technology without the need for large capital budgets or long commissioning timelines. —Matthew Cherewka Director, Business Development and Strategy Vecna Robotics FOCUS ON FULFILLMENT. Can you deliver for your customers? That’s the top way to succeed in e-commerce, whether it’s processing returns, producing goods, or delivering products. Ensuring you’re running smoothly from staffing to production to deliveries to returns is the path to success in this environment. —Carl Schweihs

IN E-COMMERCE, CONSUMER TRUST IS EVERYTHING. Any company— regardless of size—that fails to accurately communicate a product’s status within the supply chain risks damaging its customer relationships. Consumers are more likely to shop with businesses whose product availability and delivery information is accurate and consistent, even if there may be a longer wait time. Thomas Kasemir Chief Product Officer Productsup

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LEVERAGE HIGHLY DEMOCRATIZED, LOW-COST DATA, like location analytics, to manage and optimize your supply chain. The near real- time nature of this data enables increased visibility and streamlined communication throughout supply chains. —Jeff White Founder and CEO, Gravy Analytics

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