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SOLVED Supply Chain Challenge?

Echo’s Managed Transportation Solution Supports ResinDistributor’s RapidGrowth Leveraging enhanced technology and a dedicated LTL carrier network, Echo’s solution enables M. Holland to meet national business needs with a more strategic routing process.

automate its routing process and increase visibility into shipments. M. Holland’s logistics team was able to reallocate its time to business objectives while Echo: • Helped validate distribution center locations with improved analytics • Assessed M. Holland’s shipping costs to identify savings opportunities • Provided guidance on quality issue resolution with strategic insights • Identied pain points related to market

THE CHALLENGE A leading international distributor of thermoplastic resins, M. Holland supports more than 4,000 clients in industries ranging from automotive to healthcare. Following a period of robust growth, M. Holland saw an increase in LTL shipping and needed to nd a way to keep pace with demand. Company leadership decided a national freight broker with technology expertise was the solution it needed to become a shipper of choice. THE SOLUTION A Better Outbound Shipping Process. Echo’s Managed Transportation solution introduced proprietary technology to M. Holland’s transportation management operations, allowing the company to

and industry partners on the challenges facing the freight market. As a strategic partner, Echo: • Hosted quarterly business reviews • Helped M. Holland develop long-term business goals • Introduced a new outlook on shipping operations • Supported panel discussions during streaming web conferences With Echo, we experienced an attitude of continuous improvement. Very quickly we realized that Echo could optimize, rene, and create a more efcient routing process for our needs. —Pete Nutley Vice President of Operations M. Holland

segment, region, and time of year By presenting M. Holland with a

broader view of its shipping practices, Echo was able to provide information about the company’s total lane operation and offer insights into establishing a more efcient network design. A Partnership Focused on Strategy. Echo provided M. Holland guidance for educating customers, account managers,

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