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OptimizingMultimodal Shipping with a One-Stop Solution

Q What does multimodal shipping look like in 2022? A Historically, companies have relied on third-party freight brokers to handle complex shipments that include multiplemodes, geographies, and freight characteristics. Planning and executing these shipments requires careful planning and coordination with various transportation providers for efficient freight hand-off. Industry experts agree that multimodal trans- port can increase efficiency while reducing costs. Recent supply chain disruptions put additional pressure on efficiency and optimiza- tion. As a result, shippers need to rethink their approach tomultimodal shipping. Themultimodal shipping approach can be as complex as sending a container fromAustin to Chengdu, using diverse transportation modes, and typically involvingmultiple carri- ers. By streamlining this process, multimodal ensures that cargo easily flows from its origin to destination—nomatter how complicated the routing, number of modes, and number of car- riers involved. It’s one thing to understand the challenge, and it’s another to solve it in a single transportationmanagement system (TMS). Q How does Fortigo simplify multimodal shipping across geographies and cargo types? A Fortigo’s one system, any shipment TMS, allows users to build amultimodal shipment with at least three legs in less than aminute. Whether the freight is traveling over land, air, sea, or a combination, Fortigo’s global reach allows users to operate in any geography.

Whether you ship an envelope or an aircraft engine, the systemworks in harmony with your carrier network to optimize its routing. Fortigo users quickly, easily, and confidently arrange and expedite shipments using their entire car- rier network, unlocking new andmore efficient shipping opportunities with access to all modes of transport for any given shipment. Fortigo’s recent marketplace integrations also empower users to identify real-time dynamic rates frommore than 70,000 carriers. Building a complex multimodal shipment is easy and offers maximumflexibility with direct visibil- ity of themarketplace alongside contract rates with a user’s established network. Additionally, Fortigo’s one-stop solution pro- vides on-demand visibility into scheduled multimodal shipments. The TMSmakes it easy to see everything in one place, including all segment statuses and related documentation. Status notifications are updated automatically, giving the user complete control and visibility into their multimodal shipments. On the back end, Fortigo’s TMS leverages proprietary algo- rithms to optimize transactions and ensures all shipments flow seamlessly between carriers.

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Fortigo has more than 20 years of experience solving challenging and complex logistics problems. Our system has always serviced multinational companies with unique logistics operating environments.

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