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Hub Group’s Leading Supply Chain Solutions Facilitated Clear Sailing During 2021-2022 Port Congestion

We streamline the import process for our cus- tomers through inland international drayage, transloading, and expedited OTR solutions, delivering containers directly to DCs while pro- viding consistent, reliable service levels. Having one point of contact for customers also helped simplify their supply chain processes, reducing complications that are typical when usingmultiple transportation providers. Q What proactive steps didHub Group take to “switch gears” when faced with delays? A We have always been nimble, but over the past few years that has been a huge advantage. Whether we’re finding chassis tomove our customers’ freight or switching modes of transport, such as using rail instead of OTR, we had a solution for every challenge. Some of the other strategies we used were accessing nearby warehouse and storage facil- ities, employingmultiport diversification, and accessing OTR teamdrivers to expedite freight when needed. Q What was the role of technology during the past few years? A Technology is a critical part of the supply chain and we’ve always seen the value in it. In fact, we were the first to have a fully GPS enabled fleet. Our technology integrates machine learning and AI, giving us complete end-to-end visibility into our customers’ supply chains. This gives us and them real- time updates, so they always knowwhere their freight is in the system.

This past year presented extreme challenges for the supply chain. By providing the indus- try’s leading supply chain solutions for more than 50 years, Hub Group supported its cus- tomers by leveraging experience in strategic planning across the supply chain, tailored solu- tions, dependable capacity, and advanced visibility. Q These past two years were some of the most challenging for everyone, but especially for key players in the supply chain. How didHubGroup approach it?What didHubGroup do on behalf of its customers to get their freight through the ports unfettered and unrestrained? A It certainly was a challenge. We were able to deliver for our customers because of our overall approach and culture. For Hub Group, having a holistic, customer-focused approach gives us the ability to analyze the entire supply chain and findmultiple areas for improved efficiencies and possible economies of scale. This proved to be an important capability when disruptions occurred. That holistic perspective, coupled with the ability to leverage our company-owned assets, was a huge advantage. Q What tactics didHubGroup use to deliver for customers? A Part of our culture is “innovating with purpose” and that’s exactly what we do. One example is our ability tomove freight around port delays. As our new containers are built overseas, we worked with customers to bring their freight, stuck elsewhere, over in our newly built containers.

Brian Meents Executive Vice President Account Management, Sales, and Marketing Hub Group 800-377-5833

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