Inbound Logistics | April 2022

SALES: During your last measurement period, were sales up or down? By how much?

1% Did not report

While logistics IT vendors were welcoming new customers over the past year, they were also raking in new dollars. Fifty- seven percent of survey respondents saw sales grow by 20% during their most recent measurement period, an increase over 2021’s already-impressive 40%. Another 15% of vendors saw sales rise by 15%, and 16% of them saw an increase by 10%. Just 2% of respondents reported no change at all in sales, and only 1% noted a drop in sales—and that by just 5%.

1% Down 5%

2% No change or 0%

Up 5%


Up 15%



Up 20%


Up 10%


Down 10% or more

PROFITS: During your last measurement period, were profits up or down? By how much?

While logistics IT vendors were bringing in more revenue, they were also sending more of that money to the bottom line. In 2022, 40% of respondents say their profits were up by 20% during their last measurement period, an even better result than the 30% who reported an increase on that scale in 2021. Ten percent of vendors saw profits increase by 15%, 25% saw a rise of 10%, and 11% saw a rise of 5%. A significant proportion of respondents—12%—saw profits hold steady in their most recent measurement period. But only 1% of vendors noted negative results.

1% Did not report

1% Down 10% or more

Up 15%



Up 5%


Up 20%

No change or 0%


0% Down 5%


Up 10%

GROWTH: What led to growth in the past year?

1% M&A

A large majority of vendors in the survey—81%—attribute their growth over the past year to organic sales. Just 1% grew through mergers and acquisitions, while 18% say both of those factors helped to enlarge their companies.




Organic sales

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