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Many third-party logistics providers offer best-in-class technology solutions as part of their service. Here are just a few of the many leading 3PLs with outstanding technology.

AFS Logistics 877-242-3383 |

Johanson Transportation Service 800-742-2053 | Arriviture lets shippers manage freight

ProTrans 317-240-4100 |

The AFSmart Technology Suite combines a data- driven approach with time-tested skills to drive measurable savings and optimize essential elements of the supply chain. AFS offers proven processes and the dynamic application of analytics that run through its entire portfolio of services, including freight audit and payment, parcel, LTL and transportationmanagement services.

A partnership with Microsoft Azure enables OPTIMIZ to deliver faster, stronger, more securely, and more reliably. Azure offers multiple benefits including global scale, optimized performance, world-class physical and cybersecurity, and speed— users can input data into, and receive data from, OPTIMIZ instantaneously, providing greater visibility and decision making.

throughout the entire logistics process from start to finish, in one, easy-to-use location in the cloud. The software offers rating, order entry and processing, optimization, document management, tracking, accounts payable, and reporting solutions. Arriviture technology is designed for speed, efficiency, and transparency to provide real-time updates on LTL, truckload, and rail intermodal freight progress, plus tracking for international shipments. Odyssey Logistics & Technology 855-875-0681 | The Odyssey Global Logistics Platform is a comprehensive, web-based global transportation management solution designed to manage day-to-day transactional logistics processes and to refine inter- and intra- enterprise movement of products. Odyssey’s technology platform enables transportation optimization, carrier selection, execution, visibility, event management, analytics and reporting. Polaris Transport Carriers 905-671-3100 | Polaris’s NorthStar Digital Solutions bring the digital experience to transportation and the supply chain through powerful, efficient, and seamless technology platforms. As a system integrator, NorthStar provides seamless end- to-end solutions and offers direct connectivity streams to connected partners, carriers, shippers, brokers, and consumers. The solutions optimize systems performance, create a user-less environment, and provide predictive and proactive analytics.

ALC Logistics 800-282-3246 | ALC Logistics’ Alchemy is a web-based

Rinchem Company 888-3PL-CHEM |

transportation management system designed and customized to meet each company’s unique transportation needs. The TMS applications are hosted in a fully secured, SaaS/cloud architecture backed by disaster recovery systems with 24/7 customer support. ALC’s software can be integrated with existing ERPs, order entry and financial systems, providing operational efficiency, visibility, and accountability.

Rinchem utilizes Chem-Star, a warehousing and transportation management system that enables inventory visibility across Rinchem’s network of warehouses. Chem-Star also utilizes GPS tracking for Rinchem’s customized, over-the-road fleet of tractor/trailer units to ensure visibility of customer loads. Chem- Star is available to customers 24/7 through a secured web-based interface that offers many different real-time inventory queries and reports. Rinchem also employs radio frequency technology to improve warehouse receiving, picking speed, and accuracy.

Echo Global Logistics 800-354-7993 |

EchoShip is a self-service shipping platform for less-than-truckload and truckload shippers. With its simple, user-friendly interface, EchoShip eliminates repetitive workflows and speeds up shipping with an efficient four-step process, giving users time back to focus on their business. GEODIS Logistics 877-401-6400 | GEODIS Logistics supports its warehouses with a variety of technology systems, including Manhattan Warehouse Management for Open Systems. The company’s IT tools eliminate the need to invest in redundant, inadequate, or antiquated IT resources. GEODIS also continuously invests in improving and adding features to its technology.

Transplace 866-413-9266 |

Transplace’s Transportation Management System gives organizations greater control over their transportation operations, as well as enhanced visibility of shipments and overall supply chain performance. The comprehensive cloud-based solution is built for freight management by freight managers and is available as a SaaS product or as part of a managed transportation solution. The Transplace TMS can quickly and efficiently look at carrier sites, get rate quotes, track shipments and gather status information to speed up the order lifecycle and ultimately the entire supply chain and allow organizations to better meet customer needs.

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