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The company’s employees benefit as well, Cox says. Polaris’s investment in technology allows them to shift from transaction processing to more analytical roles, offering greater career opportunities. “Whether an employee is here for one year or 15 years, we want them to know their time was valued,” he adds. “We want to help them develop their careers.” Currently, Cox and his team are creating the “Polaris Digital Supply Chain.” This initiative will use a hyper ledger to eliminate paper records and automate the transfer of information for transactions between Polaris entities, while providing visibility to all involved. Polaris is also testing the system with several business partners. “Who doesn’t want cleaner, quicker transactions?” Cox asks. While the technology is critical, Polaris Transportation Group also is committed to communicating with clients so they can work effectively together. “It’s about listening to their needs,” Cox says. “Our conversations about where their business is going and how it’s growing are essential to helping us plan our business and support them.” Looking ahead, Cox anticipates steady, consistent growth. Even as Polaris grows, leadership will maintain its focus on clients. “We don’t look at clients as just a revenue stream,” he says. “It’s about the relationship.” TAYLORED SERVICES: COMPREHENSIVE SUPPLY CHAIN SOLUTIONS Celebrating 30 years in business, Taylored Services offers more than 4.4 million square feet of warehouse space across a dozen-plus locations in the United States, from Newark to Los Angeles, along with a range of comprehensive logistics solutions. TAYLORED SERVICES HAS HEAVILY INVESTED IN TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS THAT PROVIDE VISIBILITY, SHIPMENT TRACKING AND TRACING, AND AUTOMATED HANDLING, AMONG OTHER CAPABILITIES.

Taylored Services offers comprehensive logistics solutions, including omnichannel warehousing and distribution, pick and pack unit level fulfillment, port drayage, and trailer storage and rental.

“visibility of data has become paramount and invaluable to effective supply chain management,” Morrison says. To that end, Taylored Services has implemented several solutions, such as mesh network technology that provides real-time asset tracking. Magnetic tags placed on each container show where on the property the containers are located. The tags also serve as security alarms, sounding alerts if anyone tries to tamper with the containers. BRINGING IT ALL TO THE TABLE In its Chino, California, facility, Taylored Services is leveraging robots to handle some e-commerce processing. “The robots have proven to boost productivity,” Morrison says. In addition, Taylored Services can add to its fleet to handle spikes in orders. The company will also be introducing robots to its

Its services include omnichannel warehousing and distribution, pick and pack unit level fulfillment, port drayage, and trailer storage and rental. “We act as extensions of our customers and manage their supply chains,” Morrison says. For instance, the recent supply chain crunches have delayed shipments of building materials, among other products. Taylored Services had been working with a client whose efforts to build a new facility were about one year behind schedule, due largely to supply chain challenges. Taylored Services helped the company bridge the gap between its existing provider and its new facility by using another Taylored building to take on additional volume from the client. INGREDIENTS FOR TOP-NOTCH SERVICE In late 2020, Taylored Services acquired the U.S. operations of Toll Global Logistics, an $8.7-billion Australian logistics company. The acquisition expanded Taylored’s footprint in key distribution centers near the ports of Los Angeles, Long Beach, New York, Miami, and Louisville, Kentucky. More recently, Taylored won a bid for a property at the Port of Los Angeles. The three buildings, each 200,000 square feet, are situated on 85 acres and offer 474 doors. “It provides a huge opportunity to handle additional transload volume,” Morrison says. “Rather than drayage inland, we can ‘turn and burn’ right there, within hours.” Taylored Services has also heavily invested in technology solutions that provide visibility, shipment tracking and tracing, and automated handling, among other capabilities. Over the past few years,

Savannah, Georgia, location. Many members of Taylored

Services’ management team bring deep experience in retail, wholesale, and omnichannel distribution to their positions. “Most within our leadership team worked on the other side of the table,” Morrison says. “We understand what it’s like to run retail businesses, and partner with our clients to help manage their supply chains.” As logistics and supply chain management continues to accelerate and change, Taylored Services will lead by continuing to provide timely, efficient service and by maintaining its customer focus. “We take pride in fostering lasting, thriving partnerships that enable our customers to reach their goals,” Morrison says. n

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