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Ways Self-Driving Forklifts Can Provide a Competitive Edge 5


You’re Looking at the Wrong Part of Your Supply Chain for Savings EXECUTIVE GUIDE / Five Ways Supply Chain Executives are Achieving a 3X Investment in the Yard

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TOP 5 WAYS SELF-DRIVING FORKLIFTS PROVIDE A COMPETITIVE EDGE Offered by Vecna Self-driving forklifts are creating more profitable operations and providing warehousing, manufacturing, and distribution facilities a competitive edge. Download this valuable whitepaper to explore the top 5 key advantages of driverless forklifts. Find out how they are helping companies address today’s common industry problems and preparing facilities for future success.

HOW AUTOMATION EQUIPS WAREHOUSES Offered by Inbound Logistics To meet consumer demand, warehouses and fulfillment centers are turning to automation and robotics—and today, the solutions are more affordable and flexible. In this digital edition, you’ll also see how supply chain education can advance your career, get 9 steps to safeguard your digital supply chain, and more.

5 WAYS YARD MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS GENERATE ROI Offered by FourKites Supply chain budgets have been updated, revised, and revised again in the wake of global supply chain disruptions. You may notice a trend emerging: a significant increase not just in the cost to secure capacity, but the cost of holding on to assets for too long as well. This whitepaper discusses why reining in the high costs of facility operations is a necessary part of any executive’s supply chain strategy.

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MITIGATION STRATEGIES TO MEET SUPPLY CHAIN CHALLENGES Guest: Professor Farzad Mahmoodi, Clarkson University

The lasting impact of the global pandemic continues to reverberate throughout the industry. Companies face daily challenges to their supply chain efficiencies and are often forced to adapt quickly to try and enact effective mitigation strategies. With few signs of an immediate return to pre-pandemic normality, how can businesses best position themselves for success? Professor Farzad Mahmoodi of Clarkson University shares his expert advice.

Professor Farzad Mahmoodi



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