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SEKO LOGISTICS • SEKO prides itself on a commitment to customer service, whether it’s a 2 a.m. pickup for a critical industrial part for a plant that is 4,000 miles away, or the cost savings achieved from proactive communication with your vendors overseas. SEKO offices have the knowledge and expertise to expedite or to consolidate, depending on your need. From Hong Kong to Amsterdam, SEKO knows how to serve its clients. As a non-asset-based third-party logistics provider, SEKO has the flexibility to meet your supply chain needs using a variety of modes and carriers.

SUNSET TRANSPORTATION • Sunset Transportation isn’t just another 3PL. We are driven by the right- size fit for each business, using all levels of global and domestic supply chain resources and services. Our culture allows customers to be part of the Sunset community, while offering advanced TMS solutions, reporting, and shipment reliability. Our approach is simple: through analysis of historical shipping data, we identify opportunities for optimization, service improvement, and technology enhancements. Sunset is the right size 3PL for your business.

TUCKER COMPANY WORLDWIDE • Experiencing truckload capacity problems? Tucker Company Worldwide provides unlimited truckload equipment—from dry vans to flatbeds, refrigerated to specialized equipment. Experiencing problems implementing an inbound freight management program? We get the job done, under budget, and fully controlled. Tucker Company Worldwide operates one of America’s oldest freight brokerages. We are ISO-Certified. We co-founded the TIA. We are active members of NITL, TIA, SC&RA, TAPA, NDTA, and Our customers choose Tucker because we’re freight experts.


ASG SERVICES • ASG Services is a warehouse identification and marking specialist. We manufacture custom warehouse labels and warehouse signs in Atlanta, Georgia while providing fully managed installation services and warehouse striping solutions throughout the United States, controlled centrally from our head office.

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