Inbound Logistics | May 2022


everyone who could work remotely was set up with the technologies that allowed them to do so. In collaboration with our manufacturers, we’d invested in disruptive, digital technologies that enable operational excellence. This all served us extremely well. Now we’re back on the growth trajectory we had before the pandemic. I’m proud of our team and how we’ve tackled this so far. Having lived in different countries and multiple states within the United States, I learned to appreciate diversity of thoughts, ideas, and traditions. Living different places gives you an appreciation for the importance of cultural richness. It opens you up to different views and provides a wider perspective. That’s important whether you’re trying to manage a diverse customer, employee, or supplier base. For instance, you need to appreciate the way people in different countries value work versus personal time, to make sure your workforce moves with you as an organization, and gains what they need to be happy in their professional work.  n

Rony Kordahi Answers the Big Questions 1 What’s the best leadership or supply chain advice you’ve received? Listen and appreciate the challenges your customers and suppliers and their customers and suppliers face. Then figure out how what you do can make it easier for them to do business. 2 If you could travel anywhere, and time and money weren’t issues, where would you go? There are so many places! If I had to pick one, I’d head back to Brazil. I enjoy the culture, and I’m a big soccer fan. 3 If you could have one superpower, what would that be? Eliminating world hunger, for sure. 4 What kind of kid were you in high school? I got in trouble. Nothing serious, but I wasn’t a conformist and was easily distracted. I wanted to always do what I wasn’t supposed to do. In the end, I think it worked out well.

For terminal tractors and fleet leasing, there’s only one name to remember.


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