Inbound Logistics | May 2022

Customize Your Business Today As more consumers expect faster, more affordable shipping, Engineering Innovation (Eii) provides solutions that can scale as you do. Our customizable products utilize automated scanning , dimensioning , weighing , label application , and sortation technology to optimize your processing workflow.

Aordable Automation

Custom Configurations

Postal Expertise

Increased Accuracy

Smaller Footprint

Continued Support

Automated Parcel Solutions For Fulllment, Distribution, Reverse Logistics, and Warehousing

LightSort™ Sort-to-Light System Low cost technology makes parcel sorting quick and accurate.

Chameleon™ Parcel Processing Solution Customizable package processing automation that adapts to your needs.

EZ-Workdesk™ Warehouse Automation System Capture and translate critical package data for mail stream induction.

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