Inbound Logistics | May 2022

he list of challenges in the transportation market seems to grow longer almost daily: rising fuel costs, proliferating distribution channels, ongoing capacity

and driver constraints, increasingly complex and global supply chains, and heightened customer expectations for faster delivery times and robust tracking information. That’s prompting many organizations to look “for better ways to keep products moving reliably around the world, reduce fuel consumption, evaluate carrier rates and eliminate empty miles through options such as backhauls and pool distribution,” says Nick Wilson, vice president of product marketing with MercuryGate International, a provider of transportation management solutions. A transportation management system (TMS) can help companies navigate these conditions and boost performance. A TMS is a logistics platform that leverages technology to help businesses plan, manage, and optimize the physical movement of incoming and outgoing goods. Like many technology solutions, today’s TMS solutions often provide greater functionality at lower cost than their predecessors, allowing a wider range of businesses to benefit from them.

May 2022 • Inbound Logistics 51

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