Inbound Logistics | May 2022

Blume Global 781-263-0200 PRODUCT: Blume Logistics PLATFORM: Cloud based

Centerboard 855-946-4739 PRODUCT: WIN by Centerboard PLATFORM: Cloud based DESCRIPTION: Neutral, shipper-centric solution offering affordable access to critical features for shippers. Real-time data gives the entire supply chain access to a single point of truth on how to move goods most quickly and cost-effectively. Centrade 651-379-3050 PRODUCT: Centrade PLATFORM: Cloud based DESCRIPTION: Networked business platform offering next-generation supply chain visibility, collaboration, and performance. Complies and adheres to uniquely defined operating procedures.

Blue Yonder 833-532-4764 PRODUCT: Transportation Management System PLATFORM: Licensed to user (installed locally), hosted on the vendor’s website, cloud based DESCRIPTION: Manages end-to-end business processes from modeling and planning to last-mile delivery. Offers visibility into inbound and outbound transportation needs, along with supplier and carrier collaboration tools, to deliver a comprehensive assessment of opportunities available across the entire supply chain network. BlueGrace Logistics 800-697-4477 PRODUCT: BlueShip PLATFORM: Cloud based DESCRIPTION: Puts supply chain management and optimization into the hands of any shipper. Offers self-service tools such as instant quoting, scheduling, address books, product catalogs, and shipment tracking. BluJay Solutions 866-584-7280 PRODUCT: Transportation Management PLATFORM: Cloud based DESCRIPTION: Single-workflow SaaS TMS enables process automation and collaboration among trading partners, with visibility and AI for freight moves across multiple transportation modes. True single-instance multi-tenant cloud platform provides insights to benchmarking and best practices to enable cost savings and improve customer service.

DESCRIPTION: A holistic operating platform for international and domestic transportation management that unites visibility with action. Enables users to orchestrate, optimize, and observe the movement of goods, and reroute shipments if a problem arises. Allows users to manage logistics execution from sourcing to last-mile delivery. Camelot 3PL Software 704-554-1670 PRODUCT: Excalibur PLATFORM: Cloud based DESCRIPTION: Provides real-time tools to improve transportation execution with lower costs, higher productivity, and higher levels of customer service. Can be configured to meet a wide range of requirements.


Carrier Logistics

866-498-4491 PRODUCT: JFleet PLATFORM: Cloud based

914-332-0300 PRODUCT: FACTS PLATFORM: Licensed to user (installed locally), cloud based DESCRIPTION: A comprehensive freight management solution driving every aspect of a trucking company’s needs— dispatching, freight bill entry, mobile data communications, call logging, general ledger, EDI transactions, and cross-docking.

DESCRIPTION: Dispatching software for truckload and LTL carriers and delivery companies includes dashboard and reporting functionalities to track processes from dispatch to invoicing. Other functionality includes billing and payroll, GPS tracking, route planning and optimization, fleet maintenance, and load optimization.

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