Inbound Logistics | May 2022

Logiware 770-667-0311 PRODUCT: Logiware PLATFORM: Hosted on the vendor’s website, cloud based DESCRIPTION: Designed for forwarders and NVOCCs to handle ocean, air, and truck shipments from end to end. Helps keep shipments on schedule, improves profitability, and raises customer service levels through complete visibility and collaboration. Logix Grid Technologies 997-109-4859 PRODUCT: Logix Platform PLATFORM: Licensed to user (installed locally), cloud based DESCRIPTION: Manages logistics, e-commerce, first-mile pickup and last-mile delivery along with supply chain business across the globe. API integrations with 150+ brands including DHL, FedEx, UPS, and others.

Made4net 201-645-4345 PRODUCT: RoutingExpert

Manhattan Associates 678-597-6754 PRODUCT: Manhattan Active Transportation Management PLATFORM: Cloud based DESCRIPTION: SaaS TMS can be extended without impacting regular updates. Applied intelligence empowers real-time distribution planning and optimization for better, faster operational decisions. Pre-connected visibility, load board, and carrier network partners included. MPO 646-520-0841 PRODUCT: Transportation Management System PLATFORM: Cloud based DESCRIPTION: Streamlines and optimizes logistics order flows via planning (rating, routing, mode selection), execution (real- time visibility and exceptions management), financials (invoicing and auditing), and analytics (KPIs and dashboards). Optimizes inbound, outbound, and return orders, converging inventory, order, and transportation management.

PLATFORM: Licensed to user (installed locally), hosted on the vendor’s website, cloud based DESCRIPTION: Helps plan smarter routes faster. Advanced routing algorithms and unlimited flexible, user-defined business constraint rules can help users stay on top of transportation operations. Includes a fully customizable billing and payment solution.

MagicLogic Optimization 206-274-6248 PRODUCT: Cube-IQ

PLATFORM: Licensed to user (installed locally), hosted on the vendor’s website, cloud based DESCRIPTION: Advanced load planning software for pallets, containers, trucks and trailers, functioning as a plug-in for other TMS solutions via APIs.


nVision Global 770-474-4122


Product: IMPACT TMS Platform: Cloud based

708-829-0498 PRODUCT: MVMNT PLATFORM: Cloud based DESCRIPTION: Completely free and

Description: IMPACT TMS provides management and visibility of all global shipments, including inbound supplier shipments using its purchase order management module and outbound shipments across all shipment modes. nVision Global’s API and EDI processes are designed to seamlessly integrate customers’ ERP, carriers, and suppliers. The solution is supported by its dedicated spot quote platform, a configurable shipment approval process, automated rating/routing and tendering, and customs document generation and integration (BOL, commercial invoice, labels, and manifests). This solution and service is easily integrated with the other solutions and technologies that nVision Global offers such as freight audit and payment, freight claims, business analytics and freight rate procurement.

reimagined TMS designed to enhance day-to- day operations of a traditional transportation management solution. Manages everything from procurement to payments all in one place—with total visibility throughout.

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