Inbound Logistics | May 2022

Tecsys 800-922-8649 PRODUCT: Tecsys Elite TMS PLATFORM: Licensed to user (installed locally), cloud based DESCRIPTION: Enables strategic transportation planning and execution for common carrier or proprietary courier fleets. Helps organizations achieve the dependability, transparency, and efficiency of a world-class distribution courier throughout the entire chain of delivery—from orders and drivers to fleets and routes.

Translogistics 610-280-3210 PRODUCT: ViewPoint 2.0 PLATFORM: Cloud based

Trimble Transportation 866-914-5299 PRODUCTS : TMW.Suite, TruckMate, Innovative TMS PLATFORM: Licensed to user (installed locally), cloud based DESCRIPTION: TMW.Suite serves as the end-to-end business growth platform for commercial and private carriers, brokers, 3PLs and other transportation enterprises. TruckMate is a comprehensive dispatch, operations, and accounting system. Innovative TMS is a comprehensive order- to-cash solution with fully integrated accounting and other back-office tools.

DESCRIPTION: Accommodates multiple transportation modes including LTL and TL. Features dynamic metrics/reporting and tracking. Offers the ability to quote shipments, retrieve POD documents and tender freight directly to carriers. Transportation Insight Holding Company 770-509-9611

TMC, a Division of C.H. Robinson 800-967-9619 PRODUCT: Navisphere PLATFORM: Cloud based

URoute 313-600-5308 PRODUCT: UROUTE PLATFORM: Cloud based

PRODUCT: Beon Shipper PLATFORM: Cloud based

DESCRIPTION: Streamlines shippers’ efforts into one digital platform to gain visibility, speed, and control. Enables smarter shipping through access to 80,000+ carriers while saving money, delivering efficiencies and driving best practices throughout the organization.

DESCRIPTION: A single-instance technology platform that serves all modes and regions. Provides global visibility, mode/route optimization, shipment tender, freight payment, language and currency capabilities, and business intelligence. TransAmerica Express Logistics 916-543-1704 PRODUCT: TransAmerica Express TMS PLATFORM: Cloud based DESCRIPTION: Versatile logistics management solution created to provide businesses with enhanced route plans, quick execution, and unrestricted accessibility.

DESCRIPTION: Interactive and shipper- focused. Strictly providing software only to UROUTE shippers allows an unbiased freight procurement network. Also offers data- driven analytics, automated optimization, e-bill audit and freight appointment scheduler. Varsity Logistics 650-392-7979 PRODUCT: Varsity Logistics PLATFORM: Licensed to user (installed locally) DESCRIPTION: Plug-and-play, multi-carrier shipping solution built for the IBM platform with native, seamless integration with ERP or warehouse management systems.

TransportGistics 631-567-4100 PRODUCT: TGI:TMS

PLATFORM: Licensed to user (installed locally), hosted on the vendor’s website, cloud based DESCRIPTION: Provides simple, incremental solutions to improve, monitor, and enforce compliance among partners. Reduces, uncovers and avoids excessive costs through planning, execution, and analytics.

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