Inbound Logistics | May 2022

One Network Enterprises WWW.ONENETWORK.COM 866-302-1936 PRODUCT: One Network Yard Management System DESCRIPTION : Provides real-time, gate- dock-gate visibility of equipment and inventory. Schedules, executes, and audits loads synchronized to warehouse, dock-door scheduling and demand priorities.

FourKites WWW.FOURKITES.COM 888-466-6958 PRODUCT: Dynamic Yard DESCRIPTION : Enables businesses to use artificial intelligence to manage daily operations throughout the yard, including gate operations, task assignment, trailer inventory management and more.

C3 Solutions WWW.C3SOLUTIONS.COM 514-315-3139 PRODUCT: C3 Yard

Overhaul WWW.OVER-HAUL.COM 800-203-1649 PRODUCT: Asset Manager

DESCRIPTION: Empowers yard managers by providing visibility to both yard assets and shipments, increasing gate throughput, reducing dock congestion, optimizing door utilization, and automating yard driver task assignment.

DESCRIPTION : Provides real-time asset and in-yard visibility, giving yard and fleet management teams greater control over their assets, whether in-transit or stationary.

IntelliTrans WWW.INTELLITRANS.COM 800-603-9175 PRODUCT: YardRunner DESCRIPTION : Manages rail yards with

Cypress Inland Corporation WWW.YARDVIEW.COM 303-781-3430 PRODUCT: YardViewPro yard management software

Sentier Systems WWW.YARDCOMMANDER.COM 866-503-4823 PRODUCT: Yard Commander

increased levels of integration and visibility. Users find information they need with querying, reporting, and interactive map features.

DESCRIPTION: Augments yard management by taking into account specific industry, cataloging container contents and locations, assigning dock scheduling and yard driver tasks, performing recorded gate control, and enhancing visibility for all users. Descartes Systems Group WWW.DESCARTES.COM 519-746-8110 PRODUCT: Descartes YMS DESCRIPTION : Yard management and trailer tracking software that offers real-time visibility into trailer content and locations, enables effective planning, tracks asset movements, maintains an audit trail, and collects data for improvements. Exotrac WWW.EXOTRAC.COM 212-989-0171 PRODUCT: YardTrac Pro and Lite DESCRIPTION : Real-time YMS delivers comprehensive functionality and speed while minimizing detention costs. Web and mobile applications suited to any vertical in the supply chain.

DESCRIPTION : An affordable, fully functional, easy-to-use YMS that offers full visibility to assets in the yard and at docks, reports, history of transactions, and alerts. Yard Management Solutions WWW.YARDMANAGEMENTSOFTWARE.COM 800-766-6197 PRODUCT: Yard Management Solutions DESCRIPTION : Easy to learn, simple to use scalable YMS that replaces manual tracking methods. Includes real-time map, dock scheduling, reefer management, live analytics, integrations, and more. Zebra Technologies WWW.ZEBRA.COM 262-960-6108 PRODUCT: MotionWorks Yard DESCRIPTION : Tracks and monitors assets through the yard to synchronize yard operations, loading docks, and gate check-in and check-out. Uses automation along with barcoding and RFID to ensure a safe, secure and efficient yard.


DESCRIPTION : Enables users to track yard inventory and trailers to increase visibility of assets. Addresses dock door scheduling for faster trailer turns and strategic staging by trailer type.

Made4net WWW.MADE4NET.COM 201-645-4345 PRODUCT: : Made4net YardExpert

DESCRIPTION : Uses rule-based automation to track pertinent information for trailers, manages yard on where to move assets and who should be assigned to handle them. Facilitates check in and wait times, schedules and prioritizes dock assignments.

72 Inbound Logistics • May 2022

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