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warehouse space, requiring costly multiple handlings and increasing the likelihood of damage.” The increasing price of pallets in recent years has particularly affected buyers of large pallets and modest orders of custom pallets, which are not as attractive to pallet producers focused on more economical longer runs on automated pallet nailing lines, Wojciechowski says. “By building your own pallets on a Pneumatico pallet machine, you avoid the pallet company markup,” says Wojciechowski, who notes the average payback period for a Pneumatico machine is approximately six to 12 months. “And if you have any underutilized labor hours due to the ebbs and flows of your business, they can be utilized for pallet building,” he adds. Custom pallets, in particular, have long been a challenge for pallet buyers due to the inconvenience they cause

Pneumatico nailing machines are a proven, reliable opportunity to build your own pallets. Pneumatico is fast gaining clients around the world and has installed its machines for customers in Austria, Germany, France, Italy, and the United States, among others.

pallet companies, who typically either decline to build them or quote the job at a high rate. “Pneumatico is perfect for businesses facing that challenge,” Wojciechowski says. “Our machines can be changed over in mere minutes to build stringer or block pallets, as well as standard

pallets that are not often available from U.S. manufacturers, such as Euro- pallets and CP pallets.”

Businesses facing a pallet supply crunch can work with Pneumatico to explore if the “build your own” approach can address their pressing pallet needs.


MAKE YOUR OWN PALLETS! Pallet Problems Stalling Your Deliveries?


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86 Inbound Logistics • May 2022

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