Inbound Logistics | October 2022


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In Harmony

Your May 2022 cover ts me. I had a long career in global logistics with shipper and container carriers until I retired and still

consult. I started in Army transportation managing the Port of Naha Okinawa during the Vietnam War and worked early on at Sealand. I used that service experience for the rest of my career, mostly with major shipping lines in New York City. Your music cover also reects my latest new venture with a local church choir and a special event in Carnegie Hall—Jubilate NYC 2022—last July as part of the chorus. Amazing how your timing with music and logistics ts with mine. —John Morris Via email Re. 10 Best Paying Trucking Companies I am upset and sad to see unsustainable information regarding truckers’ salaries listed as $41+ per hour. This is not true. I have been a truck driver for almost two decades and never came close to $41/hour. There is a big difference from East to West: $18-20 East Coast vs. $23-25 Midwest and $28-35 West Coast. That is with many years of experience and a clean, no-accident record. You would also do well to mention the danger of driving, what truckers go through every day to deliver on time and meet everyone’s needs (physical and dirty work, sleeping in a metal box) and not being appreciated. —Humble driver

who have contributed to our success. We took a group photo with our banner, which now hangs in our warehouse. Everyone was excited to celebrate. Thanks for establishing this recognition and allowing our team to feel appreciated for their hard work.

Evans Distribution Systems is thrilled to celebrate our 20-year recognition as an Inbound

Logistics Top 100 3PL. In honor of this milestone, we hosted a company-wide picnic at our headquarters to celebrate all

—Morgan Zenner Director of Marketing Evans Distribution Systems

Re. Good Question: What’s your best tip for retailers pivoting to direct- to-consumer fulllment?

proles average 1.8 items per order, which requires signicant batching logic to minimize picker travel. —Michael Wohlwend Managing Principal Alpine Supply Chain Solutions

Under promise and over deliver. Be conservative in promises of shipping and delivery times. You’re less likely to get burned by a transaction and a negative review.


@Supernetworks I have had an IL subscription for

—Barbara Rainville Marketing Manager Maple Landmark Woodcraft

years and have even used articles in my classes at UMass Amherst. Thanks for the great magazine. —Anna Nagurney Eugene M. Isenberg Chair in Integrative Studies Director of the Virtual Center for Supernetworks

After completing more than 50 storage type analysis projects, we’ve noticed one consistent thing: Retail order proles have more items and the quantity of each item is higher, which allows for picking benets. Direct-to-consumer fulllment order

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