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available space and maximize truck capacity by picking up extra loads. This drives up revenue and creates a more efficient supply chain.

It’s Already Here AI-driven sustainable materials testing . It hasn’t quite made an impact yet, but it will in the next five years. Often new sustainable materials require significant work to source them, then test them to figure out what is feasible and at what cost; this process can take years. AI is in the early stages of proving we can reduce testing times. –Ian Arthurs Founder and CEO, Advancements in RFID technology, including the ability to track temperature, humidity, and light, are game changers in the agricultural supply chain space. Passive data collection allows for real-time identification of issues and opportunities that optimize supply chain velocity and quality. –Michael Johnson CEO, Metrc Software that helps create visibility into supplier practices has been the greatest recent innovation. Combined with risk intelligence, it helps me quickly understand how suppliers would react to potential disruptions, allowing me to advise my clients on how to plan ahead and be proactive. –Tony Pelli Practice Director, Security and Resilience, BSI Teleportation, cost-effective massive 3D printers, cloning, automated trucks , AI . It’s all going to happen eventually. –Chris Krawczyk VP, National Sales, UWL

–Rick Burnett CEO, LaneAxis

A TOOL THAT CONSOLIDATES DATA IN REAL TIME FOR EVERY SHIPMENT. While today’s technologies can solve operational issues, the barrier is the lack of transparency and data sharing capabilities across the supply chain. –Carmit Glik CEO, Ship4wd A DIGITAL TWIN OF MY ENTIRE ECOSYSTEM — my enterprise, suppliers, contract manufacturers, distributors, etc. That digital twin would have real-time visibility and concurrent planning capabilities, provide quick assessments of the impact of changes in the ecosystem, and have the ability to do quick what-if scenarios and drive rapid decision making. –Allen Jacques Industry Thought Leader, Kinaxis DYNAMIC FREIGHT MATCHING that can be easily managed across multiple platforms. Many companies have platforms that “match” carriers with available loads based on a multitude of variables, but there’s still a lot of manual operation behind the scenes. In a true dynamic freight matching environment, carriers would be linked with loads across multiple platforms and supply chains. Shippers would be able to use the best carriers to meet their deliverable metric goals and optimize a carrier’s time, creating the optimal efficiency gains. –Andrew Dunbar Director of Account Management Shipwell A SYSTEM TO HELP UPSKILL TRUCK DRIVERS and give them opportunities to grow their job into a career. Your drivers are your ambassadors—give them more responsibility in a world marked by recruitment and retention issues. Current drivers could be a sales engine. –Kyle Humphries Solutions Engineer, Rose Rocket

AN INTELLIGENT, MULTIMODAL TMS for SMB shippers and carriers that provides this underserved market with a single platform that automates and simplifies the entire transportation process—serving SMBs’ logistics needs the way NetSuite handles accounting or Workday manages HR functions— consolidating tasks, optimizing loads, enhancing visibility, at no cost. –Mark Carroll EVP Product Strategy, Transportation Insight & NTG

A REAL-TIME MARKET ANALYTICS UPDATE GENERATOR. It would give transparent, fair, live quotes based on capacity, fuel costs, weather emergencies, and truck-to-load ratios. –Ashley McMillan Senior Sales Manager, Denim

A STAR TREK TRANSPORTER. It could charge whatever I wanted.

–Dale Young VP, Warehousing & Distribution World Distribution Services

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