Inbound Logistics | October 2022


50 to 100% of workload Average time freight forwarders, traders, and NVOCCs say they spend each week on monitoring and managing containers.

GETTING SUPPLY CHAIN DOWN TO A SCIENCE “Supply chain has probably done just as much, if not more” than the innovative science that Pfizer and other drug companies used to produce the new COVID-19 vaccines that have been distributed around the world. – Jim Cafone, Pfizer’s senior vice president of global supply chain, during a supply chain conference in September 2022.

1,000 ITEMS PER HOUR The picking capability of a new pinch-grasping robot that Amazon is testing for e-commerce fulfillment. Amazon is teaching robots how to understand cluttered environments in three dimensions, locate specific items, and pick them using a pinch grasp, or a thumb and finger hold.

– Container xChange

3DPRINTED PARTS DRIVE WORLD’S FASTEST AIRCRAFT Hypersonic aircraft startup Hermeus will make parts for its Chimera engine and Quarterhorse aircraft using Sapphire 3D printers from Velo3D. Hermeus is aiming for the Quarterhorse aircraft, named after a horse breed known for its ability to sprint short distances, to reach a top speed of Mach 5 at a cruising altitude of 95,000 feet. Quarterhorse will be autonomous or remotely piloted. The company also plans to make the aircraft fully reusable. Additive technology will help consolidate components, minimize external dependencies, increase performance, and reduce aircraft weight. Quarterhorse’s rst ight is scheduled for 2023. If successful, passengers will be able to cross the Atlantic Ocean in 90 minutes. – Thomas Insight

Till We Meat Again What’s up with Beyond Meat? First, the plant-based meat producer eliminated the role of chief supply chain ofcer after Bernie Adcock stepped down for another position. Then, the company’s operating chief Doug Ramsey was arrested for allegedly biting a man’s nose. We’ll just leave it at that. – CNBC report

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