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BRIDGING THE LTL EXPERTISE GAP: ONLINE LEARNING EVOLVES Offered by SMC 3 Sometimes it takes a commercial business to step back and identify a need for educational resources. For those beginning a career in freight management, there are a dozen or more respected logistics or supply chain management educational courses. But, there has been a notable gap in LTL educational resources to bring newcomers up to a competitive level of excellence or enable industry veterans to expand their knowledge base.

UNLOCK YOUR POTENTIAL WITH VISIBLE AND ACTIONABLE DATA Offered by Odyssey Logistics Visibility into your organization’s data is where optimization, better performance, and long- term cost savings begin. In this e-book, you will learn the five key steps to network optimization, how to build a supply chain digital twin, the impact of powerful business intelligence tools, and the potential outcomes of a successful network optimization project.

15 WAYS TO MANEUVER IN TODAY’S TRUCKING MARKET Offered by Inbound Logistics As 2023 approaches, it’s time to train for challenges on the horizon. Inbound Logistics ’ annual survey of shippers and truckers provides a chance to see the effects of current conditions, discover how companies are responding, find out about their biggest concerns, and learn how they’re preparing for the future. The September digital edition also reveals the 2022 Top 100 Truckers.


At a moment’s notice, a large number of factors could drastically affect the efficiency of warehouse operations. From motion waste to staffing shortages, businesses have to be ready to adapt and evolve to stay on the right track. Pete Grimes and Chris Richardson of Barcode Direct share insights into how new tech and better processes can streamline your warehouse and move operations forward. WHAT GOES INTO OPTIMIZING YOUR SUPPLY CHAIN’S EFFICIENCY? Offered by Barcode Direct and Inbound Logistics


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