Inbound Logistics | October 2022


New Services and Solutions


 Designed to protect products in transit, Cabka’s CabCube 4840 is a large container with a foldable sleeve. Ideal for distributing

> Smart Robotics’ new Smart Palletizer is designed to increase item stacking efficiency. Now available in three new versions, the cobot-based system can make palletizing in warehouses more resource efficient, offering more pick- and-place solutions to improve the quality of work for warehouse employees.

and storing large and lightweight parts, the

container has dimensions of 48 x 40 x 48 inches and an internal volume of 247 gallons. The CabCube 4840 is injection-molded from 100% recyclable plastics and is designed for extreme reusability. > Peli BioThermal’s newest reusable temperature- controlled shipping solution,

 Southworth Products’ high-cycle lift tables extend time between maintenance. For applications that require frequent cycling (lifting and lowering) of lift tables, Southworth lift tables increase recommended maintenance intervals from 50,000 to 200,000 cycles. Made of durable wear parts, high-cycle lift

tables integrate with other materials handling systems, such as conveyors and sortation systems. > Storopack introduced an air pillow film that is produced from 100% recycled material. The new AIRplus offers companies a sustainable protective packaging option.

by at least 40 minutes in the local market, the facility at 655 Gateway Center Way is located close to the San Diego International Airport. Able to process up to 6,000 pieces per hour, the facility handles U.S. domestic and time-definite international shipments to and from 220 countries and territories.

Crēdo Go, is designed to adapt to customer

programs, as well as help pharmaceutical companies reach environmental, social, and governance goals, cost reduction targets, and operational performance indicators. Crēdo Go reusable solutions accommodate temperature ranges from frozen to controlled room temperature; shipping durations span 24 to more than 120 hours.


> DHL Express relocated its San Diego facility to a space that is more than double the size of the previous location. Improving first-stop delivery times for its delivery services

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