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Connect with industry peers, join thought-provoking discussions, and discover the future of supply chain.

together for two days of keynote speakers, content- driven panel discussions, and networking opportunities. Pre- event activities include golf, an academic roundtable, OEM and retailer roundtable, and women’s VIP luncheon. FEB 19-22, 2023 ORLANDO, FL LINK2023 The Retail Industry Leaders Association conference gathers executives in the retail supply chain to network and learn from each other through case studies, best practices, and expert thought leadership. With more than 2,000 retail supply chain leaders expected to

attend, LINK2023 provides an opportunity to connect with carriers, vendors, and other key partners.

JAN 31 - FEB 2, 2023 LAS VEGAS, NV Manifest 2023 This gathering of industry leaders, innovators, and

MAR 14-16, 2023 ROTTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS LogiChem Network and collaborate with Europe’s leading heads of supply chain, logistics, planning, and customer service as they share practical insight for rolling out a successful sustainability strategy. Learn how to create a digital network that enables end-to-end visibility and build a risk mitigation strategy that addresses delays and capacity constraints.

MAR 8, 2023 SAVANNAH, GA 2023 Georgia Logistics Summit

investors provides networking opportunities and a lineup of speakers including 250+ thought leaders. Discover the future of logistics technology and the key drivers of transformation. FEB 7-9, 2023 LAS VEGAS, NV 19th Annual RLA Conference & Expo The Reverse Logistics Association event brings reverse logistics professionals

The summit brings together speakers from prominent shippers in the industry, leaders in the state’s infrastructure and economic development community, as well as keynote speakers from some of the world’s most prominent supply chain-focused companies.

These in-person events were scheduled to proceed as of press time.

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