Inbound Logistics | May 2023


IN THIS SECTION: Materials Handling – Pallets

ENGINEERING INNOVATION • Engineering Innovation specializes in designing customized automated workflow solutions for the mailing and shipping industry, in direct response to the needs of the market. Using expertise in postal and parcel automation design, Engineering Innovation develops products that work for any size fulfillment, returns, and mailing operation, and is dedicated to providing cutting-edge products that oer automated processing, maximum postage savings, and excellent service and support.


SEABOARD MARINE • Established in 1983, Seaboard Marine, a wholly owned subsidiary of Seaboard Corporation, is a premier ocean transportation company providing direct, regular service between North America, the Caribbean Basin, Central, and South America. With a fleet of over 25 vessels serving nearly 40 ports, Seaboard Marine is a trade leader in the Western Hemisphere. Seaboard Marine provides service to more than 30 countries with each oƒce and location contributing towards its success as a promoter of trade throughout the Western Hemisphere.


CDM SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS • CDM Web Freight is a true global web-based freight forwarding and NVOCC solution. Key benefits include CDM Shipment Flow where export shipment data—documents, compliance details, tracking—from an origin forwarder easily transfers to an import shipment of the destination forwarder. Other benefits—in multiple languages (English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, French and German)—include shipment compliance for US, Canada, EU, UK, Japan, Israel and South Africa; as well as air and ocean carrier integration. CDM Web Freight also includes cutting-edge technologies such as RFID, IoT, and Blockchain to further enhance the product oering.


iGPS LOGISTICS • iGPS Logistics is North America’s only pooler of 48x40 plastic pallets. iGPS pallets generate measurable savings in transport, reduced product damage, and other operational eƒciencies. The world’s only multi-use pallet to receive NSF Food Equipment Certification, iGPS’ platform is a major advance in supply chain hygiene—a platform that can easily be cleaned. Contact us at 1-800-884-0225.

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