Inbound Logistics | May 2023


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3PLs Approved Freight Forwarders: Provides freight forwarding solutions and logistics management. 626-723-0722 Clever Transco: O¨ers truckload, LTL, volume shipment, expedited, warehousing, and cross docking. 602-609-4623 Holman Logistics: Warehousing, distribution, and plant support services. 253-872-7140 Hub Group: Designs, optimizes, and applies technology to supply chains. 800-377-5833 Lynden: Multimodal capabilities in Alaska, Canada, the Pacific Northwest, Hawaii, and around the world. 888-596-3361 ODW Logistics: Provides logistics solutions for warehousing, ecommerce fulfillment, and transportation needs. 614-881-2835 Odyssey Logistics & Technology: Logistics management for the chemical industry and process manufacturers. 855-875-0681


Ruan: Integrated supply chain solutions driven by expertise, flexibility, and technology. 866-782-6669

ARTC Logistics: Products based on a modular architecture that supports any ERP or WMS. 212-736-8565 FREIGHT MARKETPLACE DAT: Truckload marketplace providing insights based on 500 million freight matches. 800-551-8847 FULFILLMENT Aero Fulfillment Services: Ecommerce solutions that help make fulfillment FedEx Freight Direct: Ships residentially nationwide, o¨ering multiple levels of service on items over 150 pounds. 866-393-4585 LOGISTICS IT nVision Global: O¨ers technology solutions to optimize transportation management. 770-474-4122 SMC«: Transportation solutions that integrate into business systems. more e¨ective and e£cient. 800-225-7145 LAST MILE TransportGistics: Provides solutions for transportation and logistics management. 631-567-4100 PALLETS iGPS: O¨ers light, strong, safe, and 100% recyclable plastic pallets. 800-845-8090

Saddle Creek: O¨ers fulfillment, warehousing, and transportation services. 866-668-0966

Sunset Transportation: Improves supply chain e£ciencies with technology and industry experts. 800-849-6540 WSI: Family of companies o¨ering specialized supply chain expertise. 920-663-4707 Echo Global Logistics: Connects shippers with carriers. 800-354-7993 DRAYAGE SOFTWARE

PortPro: drayOS streamlines processes, optimizes routing, and enhances visibility. 833-707-8776 EVENTS

Connections 2023: SMC³’s supply chain event provides networking and education opportunities. 770-486-5800 IANA Intermodal Expo: Intermodal supply chain event with opportunities for networking and learning about new products and services. 301-982-3400 Parcel Forum: Professionals in the small-package industry learn how to ship more packages, more e£ciently and cost-e¨ectively. 203-378-4991 x201

Pegasus Logistics: Specialized in expedited ground, air, and ocean services. 800-997-7226

Penske Logistics: O¨ers dedicated contract carriage, transportation management, and customized solutions. 844-866-9140 Phoenix Logistics: Customized service using technology, materials handling equipment, and specialized personnel. 414-253-8010 866-557-0716

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