Inbound Logistics | May 2023


90% OF CAPITAL EXPENDITURES What Walmart plans to invest in e-commerce and automated order fulllment technology. 55% OF FULFILLMENT CENTER VOLUME Will be handled by automated facilities within three years. 65% OF STORES Will be partially or fully automated within three years.

ACER ON THE BIKE PATH A company known for laptops rather than vehicles is joining the electric mobility revolution. Acer, the Taiwan-based electronics maker, introduced the ebii, an electric bike with a host of intelligent features and safety systems designed for urban commuting. The company highlights a modular e-bike architecture and a controller that uses artificial intelligence to automatically adjust the output of the motor based on the rider’s pedaling patterns and route conditions. Acer has not yet released details on a purchase price or sales locations.

SMALL BIZ BUZZ Looking to start a small business? Here’s some regional information to help you decide on a location. Kentwood, Michigan , has the most aordable oce spaces, at an annual rate of $9.06 per square foot, which is 6.8 times lower than in Mountain View, California , the city with the least aordable at an annual rate of $61.85 per square foot. Isla Vista, California , has the lowest labor costs (median annual income) of $22,386, which is 11.2 times lower than in Los Altos, California , the city with the highest at $250,000. West Odessa, Texas , has the longest work week—46 hours on average, which is two times longer than in Isla Vista, California , the city with the shortest at an average of 24 hours. –Best Small Cities To Start a Business, WalletHub 150K Number of picking robots that will be installed by 2030, and we’re only scratching the surface, according to Interact Analysis’ new report on the robotics market.

–Walmart Investment Community Meeting

A DIME A DOZENS Someone recently broke into a trailer containing hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of dimes in a Walmart parking lot in Northeast Philadelphia. An estimated two million dimes—worth $200,000—were stolen from a total of $750,000 worth of dimes that were in the truck. The truck driver had picked up the dimes from the Philadelphia Mint but then went home to sleep before a long drive to Florida the next day. He parked the big rig in the Walmart parking lot. When he came back the next morning, he found the trailer door was open. “They were trying to cross-load the dimes into other things,” says Capt. Jack Ryan, Northeast Detectives. “There were dimes all over the parking lot.” 1M+ TEUs Shipment volume that has shifted from West Coast ports from the rst three months of 2019 vs. the rst three months of 2023. Gulf Coast ports are the biggest beneciary of this shift in import volumes. – Descartes study

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