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SOLVED Supply Chain Challenge? Systems Integration Enables Fulllment Efciency for Growing Company From Manual to Automated: A Systems Integration Success Story

use of EDI technology eliminated the need for manual invoicing, enabling the company to process orders more efciently and reducing the likelihood of errors.” Thanks to Aero Fulllment Services’ systems integration capabilities, the company has transformed its fulllment process from a complex, time-consuming endeavor to a seamless and efcient operation. By leveraging the power of data and automation, the company has achieved unprecedented levels of accuracy, speed, and customer satisfaction. This success story is a testament to the importance of systems integration in streamlining fulllment processes. By leveraging the power of data and automation, companies can achieve signicant improvements in accuracy, speed, and customer satisfaction. If your company is facing similar challenges, consider partnering with Aero Fulllment Services to develop a customized solution that meets your specic needs.

THE CHALLENGE A rapidly growing company in the consumer goods industry was facing signicant challenges in their fulllment process. As Doug Striker, vice president of sales at Aero Fulllment Services, explains, “The company was receiving a signicant number of purchase orders from various retailers, but they were struggling to process them efciently. They had to manually enter the orders into their system, which was time- consuming and prone to errors. The company had to deal with multiple warehouses and distribution centers, which made it challenging to manage their inventory effectively.” The company was often out of stock of their popular SKUs, resulting in missed sales opportunities and frustrated customers. As Striker notes, “Managing multiple warehouses and distribution centers made it challenging for the company to manage their inventory effectively. Their fulllment process was complex, and a lack of visibility and control was resulting in inefciencies and delays.” The company recognized they needed to make signicant changes to their fulllment process to meet the growing demand and improve their customer satisfaction. As Striker explains, “They needed a solution that would help them streamline their operations, make informed decisions based on real- time data, and ultimately improve their customer satisfaction.”

THE SOLUTION To overcome the signicant challenges faced by the company in their fulllment process, Aero Fulllment Services developed a comprehensive solution that involved both technology and process improvements. As Striker explains, “We worked closely to identify the key areas that needed improvement and developed a customized solution that would meet their specic needs.” Aero Fulllment Services integrated their advanced systems with the company’s existing infrastructure to streamline their fulllment process. This included automating the order processing system to reduce manual data entry, improving inventory management to ensure popular SKUs were always in stock, and optimizing the picking and packing process to increase efciency and reduce errors. One key aspect of the solution was to integrate EDI technology into the company’s existing infrastructure. This enabled them to automate the invoicing process, reducing manual data entry and saving time. As Striker explains, “The

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