Inbound Logistics | May 2023

TMS Guide 2023

Kenco Logistics 800-758-3289


Logistyx Technologies 877-755-2374 PRODUCT: Logistyx TME PLATFORM: Licensed to user (installed locally), cloud based DESCRIPTION: Designed for parcel shipping. Combines advanced business intelligence and a global network of 550+ carrier integrations to provide carrier compliance, predictive analytics and tracking to enable on-time delivery and increase profits per shipment. Logiwear 770-667-0311 PRODUCT: Logiwear PLATFORM: Hosted on the vendor’s website, cloud based DESCRIPTION: Designed for forwarders and NVOCCs to handle ocean, air, and truck shipments from end to end. Helps keep shipments on schedule, improves profitability, and raises customer service levels through complete visibility and collaboration. Logix Grid Technologies 997-109-4859 PRODUCT: Logix Platform PLATFORM: Licensed to user (installed locally), cloud based DESCRIPTION: Manages logistics, e-commerce, first-mile pickup, and last-mile delivery along with supply chain business globally. API integrations with more than 150 brands including DHL, FedEx, UPS, and others.

PRODUCT: Kenco TMS Lite PLATFORM: Cloud based DESCRIPTION: Empowers small to mid-sized shippers with the technology, resources, and competitive rates needed to e©ectively manage transportation networks and disruptions through a single point of contact. Koerber Supply Chain 800-328-3271 PRODUCT: Prophesy Dispatch PLATFORM: Licensed to user (installed locally), cloud based DESCRIPTION: Provides a central solution for managing every part of a trucking or truck brokerage operation. All critical information flows in real time throughout every part of the enterprise. Kuebix, a Trimble Company 800-220-8610 PRODUCT: Kuebix TMS PLATFORM: Cloud based DESCRIPTION: Modular cloud-based software uses a single code base and can scale to meet the changing needs of any size supply chain. Manages all transportation modes in a single system. Actionable analytics help users make smarter shipping decisions and hold carriers and suppliers accountable. Integrates seamlessly with any internal or third-party system such as ERP and warehouse management.

PLATFORM: Licensed to user (installed locally), hosted on the vendor’s website, cloud based DESCRIPTION: Integrated solution that enables global transportation management, order management and distribution management. Supports collaboration and integration with suppliers, transportation providers, internal applications, and ERP systems.

Logiflow Services 630-484-0150 PRODUCT: LogiFlow PLATFORM: Cloud based

DESCRIPTION: Transportation intelligence platform that optimizes end-to-end planning, execution, and financial settlement. Built on an order and item level foundation. Features an intuitive interface and advanced business intelligence tools that provide granular visibility and insights into execution and cost. Logistix Solutions 703-203-1274 PRODUCT: ProLogix PLATFORM: Licensed to user (installed locally) DESCRIPTION: Optimizes loads and generates routes and schedules for a given set of stops or shipments while meeting predefined customer service requirements, such as time windows and service times. Designed to manage tactical and operational route planning for daily, dynamic, or master route planning operations.

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