Inbound Logistics | May 2023

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Offered by Gorbel Inc. Gorbel’s Destuff-it portable ergonomic conveyor moves with the worker to minimize strain on the body during loading and unloading of materials from shipping containers and related units. The platform may be raised and lowered and also pivots from side to side, thus minimizing stretching, turning, and reaching during the process. The conveyor is designed to handle a variety of floor-loaded materials from small, standard boxes to large tires.


How to Better Manage Multi-Warehouse Operations

How WMS and Order Routing Work Together


“Customers First” Approach Leads to Major Gains for Transportation Leader Kenan Advantage Group pairs rugged mobile printers with onboard fleet management for automatic and accurate receipts.

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FOURTH-PARTY LOGISTICS ARE THE FUTURE OF FULFILLMENT Offered by Extensiv Managing multi-warehouse operations is complex—more so than running a standalone 3PL warehouse. With the right technology, you can reach peak eƒciency and profitability and help your customers compete in the fast-paced ecommerce market. Download this paper to earn how order routing acts as the technological foundation for the fulfillment networks of the future and how it works with a WMS.

FREIGHT BILL AUDIT & PAYMENT BEST PRACTICES Offered by nVision Global Are you looking for a reliable freight bill audit & payment provider to handle your logistics invoices? nVision Global oers services that use the latest technologies to ensure accuracy and eƒciency in identifying and correcting invalid charges on freight invoices. Get more details by downloading this ebook, which details nVision’s process and technology oerings for its freight bill audit & payment solutions.

PAIR MOBILE PRINTING WITH ONBOARD FLEET MANAGEMENT Offered by Brother Mobile Solutions Kenan Advantage Group, a busy transportation company, needed a solution that integrated seamlessly with its existing fleet management platform while providing easy-to-read and accurate proof-of-delivery receipts, right from the cab. See how the custom-configured Brother RuggedJet 4 mobile printer connected with the fleet management program and enhanced driver eƒciency with its on-the-go printing options.

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