Inbound Logistics | July 2022

CLIENT ROSTER: • Culligan International • Duracell • Greenheck • Johnstone Supply

• Newell • Omron • Purely Elizabeth (pictured) • Taraca Pacific

ECHO GLOBAL LOGISTICS E cho Global Logistics credits much of its success to its proprietary technology combined with expert logistics professionals and exceptional service, which exceeds shipper and carrier expectations daily. This combination of technology and people helps the company provide shippers and carriers with the best solutions to meet their unique needs and builds trust and credibility in a highly competitive industry. In addition, Echo has developed strong partnerships with 50,000+ carriers, creating a robust network that allows the 3PL to move 16,000+ shipments daily for more than 35,000 clients. “Leading into this year, Echo was already an established partner, but the greater connection Doug Waggoner CEO

ship, manage invoices, and track shipments in real-time, all while supported by Echo’s team of experts. With EchoDrive, Echo’s proprietary web portal and mobile app, carriers can search, bid, book, manage, track, and get paid on freight hauled for Echo. This past year, Echo launched EchoShip Rewards, a loyalty program for shippers, and added new benefits to EchoDrive Preferred, a rewards program built for carrier partners. Recognizing that one solution does not fit all, Echo works closely with each client to evaluate their current network and constraints and make recommendations that improve shipping operations and eliminate supply chain bottlenecks while leveraging technology throughout the process.

we’ve made over the past eight months has helped us exceed our on-time delivery goal of 95%. Since March, Echo has been one of ScottsMiracle-Gro’s main carriers,” says Tony Botos, director of logistics at ScottsMiracle-Gro. “We’ve become more aligned on core company values, which has proven valuable through better service performance all around.” Echo’s clients have access to EchoShip, a self-service web portal that enables them to quote, book,

122 Inbound Logistics • July 2022

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