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Want to join the conversation? FOLLOW US: DROP US A LINE: for each of the many companies we have worked with over the years. What a sense of pride you must have in creating and continuing this unique, well-written, polished, and professional publication. You have my admiration. Best wishes for your continued success. —Tom Robertson President, A. Blair Enterprises, Inc. Via email July 13, 2022


On a hike in Interlaken, Switzerland, with the May 2022 edition.



Fast TAKE On retailers having excess inventory The “lifestyle shift” retailers have been reporting is disappointing. It was predictable that when things opened back up, there would be less making bread and more eating bread in a restaurant, for example. While it wasn’t predictable when that shift would happen, retailers took a full- bore approach for pandemic habits until they saw evidence the behavior was shifting—and, for inventory management, that’s way too late. Now they have to deal with a pile-up of inventory. Human psychology is still the biggest driver of supply chain: a tendency to project the current situation forward. Did the AI optimization that companies have supposedly invested in miss the behavior shifts? Or, did humans ignore and override those predictions? —Nikki Baird VP of Strategy, Aptos

Letter to Publisher Keith Biondo Inbound Logistics rst caught my attention while I was sitting in the lobby of a large appliance manufacturing

company in Louisville, Kentucky, in the mid-1990s. The magazine listed the top 100 third-party logistics companies of that year. I don’t believe your publication called these companies 3PLs at the time, but I think many of them were eventually considered as such. Over the years, I saw more and more copies of your magazine in the lobbies of various types of businesses, from two-person small companies to the industry giants. I have found Inbound Logistics to be a knowledgeable source of cutting-edge business trends, IT developments, and amazing new business software programs. To be included in your annual list of the Top 100 3PLs is considered an honor

@elizabdhb The perfect Friday night.

@frankmullens Sharky’s half power plate with IL ’s April feature.

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