Inbound Logistics | July 2022

Flow: How the Best Supply Chains Thrive BY ROB HANDFIELD AND TOM LINTON Rivers flow, and so too does the supply chain. The authors use the physical principle of flow and its parallel relationship with supply chain methodology to illustrate how businesses can reduce bottlenecks, increase resilience during disruptions, and illuminate the supply chain’s eŒect on global market policies. By relating the flow of goods to physical phenomenon and pairing it with evidence from leading companies like Biogen, Siemens, GM, and others, Handfield and Linton

Profit from the Source: Transforming Your Business by Putting Suppliers at the Core BY CHRISTIAN SCHUH, WOLFGANG SCHNELLBACHER, ALENKA TRIPLAT, AND DANIEL WEISE The authors, all Boston Consulting Group thought leaders, oŒer a wake-up call that procurement should be regarded in a new light because it has the potential to be a CEO’s secret weapon in today’s fast-moving, disruptive times. With vivid stories and in-depth case studies, the authors illustrate that no other business function oŒers the same holistic view of a company—from suppliers to consumers.

provide a science-backed approach to innovation within procurement and supply chain management.

Reimagining Industry Growth: Strategic Partnership Strategies in an Era of Uncertainty BY DANIEL A. VARRONEY Daniel A. Varroney, president and founder of Potomac Core, provides a complete blueprint for strategic

partnerships, showing readers how to leverage relationships for industry and trade associations. This book explores why investing in these mutually beneficial relationships

can protect companies from downturns, mitigate risk, and even transform entire market sectors for sustained,

augmented growth. Readers will benefit from exploring case studies in five distinct areas of industry and will also find practical roadmaps for immediate application in their businesses.

Food Industry 4.0: Unlocking Advancement

Operations Management in the Era of

Opportunities in the Food Manufacturing Sector BY WAYNE MARTINGALE, LINH DUONG, SANDEEP JAGTAP, AND MARK SWAINSON Food is the most vital global industry; as a result, it requires immense manufacturing and supply chain resources. Food Industry 4.0 explores the various opportunities for innovation in food products, processes, and services such as automation and robotics, Internet of Things methodology, cybersecurity, sustainability, and supply chain resiliency in the face of unprecedented events. The authors provide support for why three aspects—consumer health and wellbeing, product/ process sustainability, and digitalization advancements—could revolutionize the food sector if implemented correctly.

Fast Fashion: Technologies and Circular Supply Chains BY HAU¡LING CHAN, SHUYUN REN, NA LIU

This book reports on the fast fashion supply chain, investigating its circular nature and its issues with sustainability. It helps readers explore a path toward fast fashion environmental sustainability via empirical and quantitative analytical studies, and uses key retail players such as H&M, Uniqlo, Zara, and others to illustrate current eŒorts toward a zero-landfill business model. The book also provides important managerial insights, sustainable operations management practices, and other pragmatic tools for a sustainable circular supply chain.

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