Inbound Logistics | July 2022


I Double Dare You to Make a Return Nearly six in 10 ( 58% ) respondents to a Slickdeals survey say they are willing to do “nearly anything” to avoid returning items. 66% say they believe the worst part of the shopping experience is going through the return process. 67% hate returning items they previously purchased. –Survey of 2,000 U.S. adults conducted by OnePoll for social shopping platform Slickdeals

US D&D? OMG! • U.S. ports occupy the top five spots in a list of 60 ports ranked by highest to lowest demurrage & detention (D&D) charges across shipping lines. • Despite increased U.S. regulatory scrutiny of D&D charges, shippers using the Port of New York now face the highest D&D fees on the planet . New York is followed by the ports of Long Beach, Los Angeles, Oakland, and Savannah in the rank list. • All five ports were more than 2-3 times more expensive than Hong Kong in the 7th spot. preferences. Fruit truffles are no longer available as an elegant gift selection, and soda selections have also been changed slightly. Guests with a sweet tooth will be glad to note that both the red velvet and vanilla cupcake selections remain available at press time. –cruisehive BON VOYAGE, CRUISE AMENITIES Global supply chain issues are cited as the reason for temporarily adjusting Royal Caribbean Crown and Anchor Society members’ amenities. For one, Royal Caribbean International told members that it is “currently out of stock for the Crown & Anchor preferred chosen wines.” Supply chain shortages are affecting more than just wine

THE FASTEST FRONTIER The Frontier supercomputer, introduced by the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory, packs a ridiculous 1.1 exaflops of computing power, making it the first such machine to reach exascale levels of performance. The Frontier has a threshold of one quintillion calculations per second. Oak Ridge puts that in perspective: If each person on Earth completed one calculation per second, it would still take more than four years to accomplish what Frontier can do in one second. –Ben Munson, Thomas Insights LIGHTENING THE LOAD After experiencing a 100% driver turnover rate in 2021, Central Florida Transport (CFT) doubled its human resources department to more fully address driver needs. It also began offering retirement plans for the rst time in its 30-year history. As a new perk for its truckers, the Florida carrier has hired a full-time driver’s advocate who does everything from schedule healthcare appointments to help truckers manage their revenue, as well as get in touch with absent drivers.

EVERYBODY INTO THE CONTAINER! Calaak’Oncept, based in Geispolsheim, France, specializes in cargotecture — transforming cargo structures into products of architecture. In its portfolio are swimming pools carved in shipping containers. Customers can choose an above-ground or semi-buried pool, or even one raised on a cliŒ to aŒord a view of the landscape. –designboom

– The Wall Street Journal

–Demurrage & Detention Benchmark 2022 report, Container xChange

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