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TAKEAWAYS Shaping the Future of the Global Supply Chain

What’s Up With Wages? With all the emphasis on the supply chain these days, it’s not surprising that paychecks for supply chain professionals are on the rise. Supply chain salaries in the United States are up from 2020, with median total compensation pay increasing by 12% to $96,000 (including additional compensation), nds the 2022 Supply Chain Salary and Career Report from the Association for Supply Chain Management. Other interesting trends include a narrowing of the pay gap for women and people of color and a smaller-than-might-be-expected impact from the Great Resignation trend. Here’s a breakdown of several key trends and stats from the report: • Salaries and compensation are up. Respondents report an average 9% pay increase. Overall, compensation grew by an average of 12%. Total median compensation is just less than $100,000. • The pay gap is narrowing. Women younger than 40 earned more than men for the second year in a row. Women ages 40 to 49 narrowed the pay gap to 8% less than their male counterparts, from 15% in 2020. In addition, salaries have become more equitable for people of color at publicly traded companies, while the gap is wider at privately held companies. • PTO is on the rise. Nearly half (48%) of supply chain professionals receive four weeks or more paid time off. Also 20% of respondents report that their company increased the number of paid holidays in the past year. • Workplace exibility is prevalent. Two-thirds of supply chain professionals work in a hybrid or permanent work-from-home setting, demonstrating that many supply chain professionals do not need to be on-site. • Workers are not resigning. Supply chain professionals appear to change jobs less than people in other industries. In 2022, 14% of respondents found a new job—only a 1% increase over last year’s data. • Career satisfaction is high. Despite a volatile job market, career satisfaction remains consistent with data from previous years.

Demand for freight and for trained truck drivers are both on the rise this year. Has the pay for truckers followed suit? Pay rankings website calculates the new median pay at $59,158 per year, based on data from more than 6.5 million salaries submitted from truckers online and on job boards. Here is’s list of the top 10 highest-paying trucking companies for 2022 : GP Transco $90,000 DRIVING FOR DOLLARS



$87,142 $87,013 $83,921 $83,876 $83,740 $83,000 $82,955 $80,000 $79,906


Supply chain salaries are up from 2020, with median total compensation pay increasing by 12% to $96,000 (including additional compensation). Overall, supply chain salaries range from $56,000 to $185,000 annually. Additional compensation includes cash bonuses, profit sharing, incentive pay and overtime pay.

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Artur Express ATS Trucking Brady Trucking

25th percentile

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90th percentile

10th percentile

Source: 2022 Supply Chain Salary and Career Report, Association for Supply Chain Management

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