Inbound Logistics | July 2022


Being able to navigate unexpected disruption and stand out from the competition are two big abilities that saved many businesses during the pandemic shutdowns. The rms that were able to pull that off credit the victory to having the right supply chain technology in place. By contrast, the lack of strategically deployed tech solutions in supply chain operations have limited many companies’ ability to thrive. That’s the gist of a new PwC report, which highlights missed opportunities to implement supply chain technology strategically and looks deeper into how companies are leveraging technology in the supply chain. The report nds that four in ve companies say they believe supply chain tech investments failed to deliver expected return on investment. That is largely because rms limit their success by taking an isolated approach, says Matt Comte, operations transformation practice leader for PwC. Instead, Comte recommends six actions companies can take to strategically deploy technology and drive business growth: 1. Align with your company’s overall strategic priorities. Comte prompts businesses to decide if they are spending on 6 Tech Deployment Must-Do’s

technology just because it’s available and may be useful, or if they are prepared to deploy tech for business transformation. 2. Provide more supply chain visibility to other organizational functions. This is crucial because of the heightened focus on supply chains due to recent disruptions. Determining which technologies can make operations more transparent is key. 3. Scale individual tech successes and replicate. Companies can garner greater value from their technologies by considering how to use one tech investment as a blueprint for more sweeping improvements elsewhere in the company. 4. Account for current inationary pressures and a volatile economy. Consider how short-term investments in automation may help reduce recurring costs in the long term. 5. Evaluate how AI can be implemented at each stage of the supply chain. Determine if and how a focused investment in articial intelligence (AI), intelligent data capture, or another technology could improve speed, efciency, and/ or resilience. 6. Think long-term with investments. Don’t limit your company to technology that deals just with current disruptions and ghts day-to-day battles.

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