Inbound Logistics | April 2023



NORTHSTAR DIGITAL SOLUTIONS • Northstar Digital Solutions brings the digital experience to transportation and supply chain industries through powerful, e“cient and seamless technology platforms. We are systems integrators who provide seamless end-to-end solutions and o‚er direct connectivity streams to connected partners, carriers, shippers, brokers and consumers. Services include optimized systems performance, a user-less environment, automation through machine learning, RPR and RI, and predictive and proactive analytics.

nVISION GLOBAL • nVision Global is an industry leader in providing configurable logistics services and solutions for customers around the world, enabling them to optimize their supply chain and gain access to critical data. We o‚er a full suite of logistics services and solutions that allow for end-to-end shipment and supply chain management and visibility. Our solutions include a global, multi-modal TMS application, international freight audit and payment, loss & damage/overcharge/service failure claims management, as well as industry-leading logistics analysis solutions.

POLARIS TRANSPORTATION GROUP • Polaris Transportation Group is best known for scheduled LTL service between Canada and the United States. Polaris specializes in the shipment of dry goods. But it also has developed complementary transportation services including: specialized movement of trade show displays and exhibits, third-party cross-border and domestic freight management, cross-border and domestic intermodal service, expedited ground and air service, and global air and ocean freight forwarding.

R2 LOGISTICS • Founded in 2007, R2 Logistics is a national provider of transportation services and logistics solutions. As a third-party logistics (3PL) company, we provide access to thousands of contracted transportation providers. With o“ces located across the United States, we are able to provide your company with any possible over-the-road shipping need nationwide, including Mexico and Canada. Backed by game- changing technology and our culture for Reliable Service and Relentless Passion, we’ve built a strong reputation as an industry leader.

98 Inbound Logistics • April 2023

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