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1 YEAR AND 1 BILLION PARCELS Coming off two years of pandemic-fueled growth, parcel volumes decreased 2% in 2022, but remain on a trajectory that far outpaces predictions made prior to the pandemic. The United States shipped, received, and returned 21.2 billion parcels in 2022, 1.1 billion more than anticipated by pre- pandemic forecasts. – Pitney Bowes Parcel Shipping Index SWISS MISS Since 1970, Toblerone, one of the world’s most recognizable

PAINT BY THE NUMBERS A California woman sued paint giant Sherwin-Williams for its practice of tacking on a 4% surcharge at the checkout line. The receipt says the upcharge is for a “supply chain surcharge,” according to the lawsuit. The charge amounts to deceptive pricing for shoppers, according to Brandi Bagley, who filed the lawsuit. She also accuses the company of using the surcharge to make it appear prices remain low, while secretly charging people more to make up for supply chain issues that have caused prices for goods to skyrocket in recent years.

RASPBERRY RALLY TALLY Supply chain issues have caused a shortage of some Girl Scout cookie flavors, and that has resale prices skyrocketing. You can find boxes of the newest, limited-edition flavor, Raspberry Rally, which typically sell for $5 apiece, on eBay for a mere $35 a box.

“ONCE YOU GET A WHIFF OF THAT DIESEL SMELL, YOU NEVER OUTGROW IT.” – Ralph L. “Larry” Roberts, Sr., who founded R+L Carriers as a teen in 1965 with a single truck he used to haul furniture. Roberts died on March 19, 2023, at the age of 77. R+L Carriers remains family-owned and operated and provides shipping services to customers in all 50 states, Mexico, and Canada.

chocolate brands, has featured the silhouette of the iconic Matterhorn on its packaging. However, American confectioner Mondelēz, who owns the brand, will soon drop the logo in favor of a new design. The move comes as Mondelēz moves its production from Switzerland to Bratislava, Slovakia. Legislation passed by the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property mandates that brands must adhere to specific production rules to be categorized as “Swiss-Made.” This extends to indirect national symbols, such as the Matterhorn. As such, Toblerone’s loss of “Swissness” means that branding must follow suit. The updated packaging will now read “Established in Switzerland” instead of “Toblerone Of Switzerland’ and will include the signature of Jean Tobler, the chocolate bar’s founder.

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